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Benefits and Possibilities of Home Savings – Loans

Interesting savings with state aid at extremely high yields (up to 14.38%) . Based on the amount of the deposit placed in a given year, individuals are guaranteed a 30% up to HUF 6,000 monthly support for up to 10 years.

State aid is paid regardless of income and is not credited directly to your personal savings account, not as a tax credit. Savings are also paid by the savings banks at a fixed, guaranteed and interest-free rate.

For every home purpose, countless uses

It can fund virtually all costs associated with the apartment. The savings and the very affordable home loan that can be taken with you can be used for home building, land, house or home purchase, home extension, renovation or modernization, or a combination of these.

Of course considered all kinds of previously recorded home loan replacement is home goal, but the exchange rate when the accumulated amount in an omnibus account (escrow account loan) payment, or even recorded the final repayment, usually high-interest loans to replace forint, the exchange also. When applying for a home loan, banks may ask for their own power , which can be secured by the amount of the home savings contract, which is accepted by all banks.

The amount of support can be multiplied

Although the state subsidy granted to the savings bank may be up to HUF 6,000 per person per month, each family member and close relative may receive an additional monthly allowance of HUF 6,000 for the same purpose of housing , so this subsidy can be multiplied.

Whether you are claiming for 5, 20, or more close relatives, there is no upper limit, so long as the person whose tax ID you are applying for support has is a close relative. (The policyholder must declare that the additional person to whom the tax is applied is one of his or her close relatives.)

Well-planned, flexible savings

  • the possibility of regular small deposits – between 620 and 20 000 HUF
  • Optional savings time – 4, 5, 6, 8 or up to 10 years
  • the amount of the monthly deposit can be freely changed on the go
  • you can freely change the saving time on the go
  • we will decide on the use of the contract amount at the end of the savings
  • the savings are freely transferable and can be shared between close relatives (eg spouse, registered partner, parent, child, sibling, grandparent, grandchild)
  • multiple contracts can be combined for a single family member’s housing purpose

Very affordable, predictable, fixed rate home loan


At the end of the savings period, you are free to decide whether or not to take advantage of a pre-fixed, mortgage loan with a guaranteed fixed interest rate.

Depending on the contract method, you can borrow at either 5.5% or 7% for any of the above residential purposes. This interest rate is at the level of current government subsidized loans and is at least 40-50% lower than current market rate home loans.


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