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They met when they studied at KTH and in the meanwhile they studied a summer design office together via SVID (the Swedish Industry Design Foundation). has more details

The goal was to launch a new modern walker for people in need of walking support and the result was the company’s first product series, the off-road walker Trionic Veloped.

Business angels and the Industrial Fund, manufacturing started in Asia


The target group was everyone who wanted a modern walking aid that was developed in the 21st century and that meets the needs of the modern user. After financing with the help of business angels and the Industrifonden, manufacturing was started in Asia and a sales and distribution network was set up.

Initially, it was a tough challenge to reach customers, but in 2009 it turned when the company changed its sales strategy and focused on e-commerce. Today, e-commerce accounts for the lion’s share of sales to private individuals and retailers. The main markets are Germany, England, Holland, USA, and Australia.

Good Finance was launched as this year’s new product”


In September 2014, Good Finance was launched as the new product of the year at the Rehacare trade fair in Düsseldorf. The company’s second product line. The reception was good and the fair confirmed that Trionic’s new product is well developed and fits the strategy; a quality manufacturer’s products in a market characterized by price pressure and low service. Manufacturing of our first series-produced units began with a planned delivery in February and March. During the years 2016 and 2017, our web platform was updated and at the same time the level of ambition for our planned expansion was increased as we introduced more languages ​​on the website.  

The popular Velopeden got a facelift when it turned 10 and we changed manufacturers. The result was, in addition to a more modern product, higher quality and better delivery reliability. Above all, we part-financed the work on a loan from CashLoan Cat. At the beginning of 2018, we paid back   Crowdlending loan   ($ 600,000 @ 5.4% interest) at CashLoan Cat to all lenders. 

“In 2018, we will launch a walker for children with disabilities


That’s why we recently took a second one   Good Finance on the CashLoan Cat. “

A walker that lets the children come out and move actively on uneven surfaces (grass, pebbles, gravel and forest path). An aid that allows the leg muscles to develop and makes it possible to play eg Frame Football on the right grass. We also need to start marketing in new channels against physiotherapists and rehabilitation centers. The development will initially absorb some of the company’s working capital.

That’s why we recently took out a second Crowdlending loan on CashLoan Cat. The start of 2018 has started off well and we are growing above forecast by 15% where specifically May has been a record month. The work we have done during the two CashLoan Cat loans has started to yield results. We are starting to grow into our new suit.

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