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To apply for Family Home Discount, free Public Debt Relief Certificate

If you would like to take advantage of the Family Creation Benefit for Families (Family Home Discount), it is important to know that one of the basic eligibility criteria is that the claimant can prove that they are free from public debt. This GFI certificate costs three thousand forints by default, or you can get it for free with a little trick.

Tremendous interest in the Family Home Discount


There is tremendous interest in the Family Home Discount , which came into force on July 1, 2015, and can be applied for as non-refundable state subsidies for housing construction, purchase or even expansion. According to the government decree, one of the basic conditions of the Family Allowance for Families (Family Home Discount) is that the claimant has no public debt. There are two ways to prove this. Either the GFI issued by the tax office not older than 30 days with a zero certificate or it is included in the tax-free public tax database.

Home loan application process


The joint negative tax certificate is issued by the GFI upon the request of the customer and the fee, ie the fee for the issue, is three thousand HUF.
If you have enough time to apply for a Family Home Discount, or if you think ahead to running a real estate transaction, you may want to opt for a debt-free taxpayer database. This will make it free and permanent to certify the negative public debt to the bank. This also avoids the unpleasant situation where, for some reason, the bank would re-apply for a “zero” GFI certificate during the home loan application process, which means we have to queue up again and again.

Public debt tax free database


It is a condition of entry into the database, in addition to the non-public debt, that the form FOMA be submitted to GFI via the client gate. The public debt tax free database is updated once a month with the information and data it contains. This is done on the 10th of each month and only the taxpayer whose application has been submitted digitally by the last day of the month in question can be included in the database. The great benefit of appearing in a public database is that it is tax-free, that is, it is free to submit an application and can include a taxpayer as long as the public debt is exempt.

This way, we can replace the GFI Zero Certificate included in the Family Home Discount’s terms with the above method, free of charge and without having to worry about the 30 day validity period of the paper certificate, ie its “warranty”. Another benefit is that when you take out a loan, you can get a better picture of yourself towards risk management if, for example, we generate income from our own business, because the system shows that we have no public debt, meaning we pay our contributions properly.
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