5+ Best Scrabble Apps Windows 8, Windows 10


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Play Scrabble with your friends on Windows 10, Windows 8 with these five best apps
windows 8 scrabble game
Scrabble was one of my favorite games as a kid, when we as kids would have gathered around the living room floor and lost ourselves in the world of words, for countless hours. Scrabble is a board game, which at first appears empty. 100 tiles are provided, each with a letter (and count) scribbled on it.

To start playing, users must draw a letter from a pocket where the tiles were previously disputed. Then each player has to draw seven letters and try to compose words with them. Each player must try to find long words and get a high score, in order to win the game.

Now in the age of computers and mobile devices, Windows 10 owners, Windows 8 and Windows RT machines, have the opportunity to play this game in the virtual environment. Let’s take a look at some apps that could help you rekindle your childhood:

Windows 8, Windows 10 Scrabble Apps

Word Connect [Free]

word connect gameplay scrabble windows 10

This is another great scrabble game with easy and addicting gameplay. You can download it for free from the Microsoft Store and immediately enjoy it with your friends. The game contains over 1000 levels so that you don’t get bored. Right from the start, we have to mention that the game works great on both PC and Mobile versions of Windows 10.

You can also win prizes for daily logins, repeat levels you found interesting, play with no time limit and anywhere as you can open it without internet connection. Plus, you’ll go back to childhood with its wooden block graphics and keep your vocabulary in shape and your brain entertained.

Words 4 friends [Free]

words 4 friends windows 8 scrabble

I first chose this application for its beautiful and endearing graphics. The cartoon-like graphics place the player on a pirate ship, where they can select a funny avatar. This is a basic turn-based game, so users can play against other “pirates”.

Up to four players per game are allowed and the nice thing is that if your friends don’t want to play Scrabble, you can go meet Scrabble fans from all over the world. The game is available in multiple languages ​​like Spanish, German, Dutch and even (lol) Pirate! Whenever you find yourself stuck, feel free to check out the dictionaries which are also available in different languages.

WordHaste [Free]

wordhaste windows 8 scrabble

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A classic Scrabble game with simple graphics that lets you locate and play against other Scrabble fans around the world. Scores are generated automatically and at the end of each game you can see where in the top high score you have been placed. The game is timed, so players need to be quick in creating their words. Experience can be gained, so as you advance you will be matched with more advanced opponents.

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Word scrabble [Free]

scrabble word windows 8

This is not a classic Scrabble game per se, but one that could help you develop your word formation skills. Each level of Word Scrabble is divided into three sub-levels, each with three stages of its own. A time is allocated to each step. For example at level 1, players are presented with a grid of 5 × 5 letters and in 120 seconds they must form at least 17 words. The further you go, the faster you become in word formation. These exercises will surely prove useful when playing a real game of Scrabble.

Word conflict [Free]

wordfeud windows 8 scrabble

Wordfeud should ring a bell for die-hard online Scrabble players. Windows 8, Windows 10 users also have the option to play this game on their machines. Why is this game so popular among the Scrabble community? Well, because it allows a lot of variation. For example, players can score extra points for their creativity.

If the routine just played the same standard board, there is the option to randomize the board and change where the DL, TL, DW, and TW tiles are placed. Users can participate in up to 30 games at a time and can play against other opponents from all over the world. This app has it all so if you are a Scrabble fan this is a must see.

AlphaJax [Free]

alphajax windows 8 scrabble

Here we have a nice Scrabble app which also offers a game guide, for those who are new to the game. It provides tips on how to create words, dictionaries and allows beginners to understand all the rules of the game. The games can be played against friends or other online opponents.

And at the same time, you can chat and interact. Make new friends or spend some quality time with your current knowledge. The app allows you to save game history, so you can learn from your past mistakes and improve yourself.

If you are interested in other similar Windows 8, Windows 10 games, take a look at these:

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