6 tips to quickly improve at the game of Scrabble

If you are looking to improve at the game of Scrabble, here are some tips that will help you improve at the game of Scrabble. These tips are intended for both beginners and amateurs looking to improve their skills at Scrabble. Without further ado, let’s take a look at 6 tips to quickly improve at the game of Scrabble:

1. Learn the words of the letter Q

Most people might consider the letter Q to be a responsibility, but if you know how to use this letter, you can instantly turn the whole game upside down. When someone sitting across from you draws the letter Q, then two things happen, either he brings a smile to his face or a look of terror to his face. When someone draws a letter Q and smiles, they know the list of Q words that can be created without needing a letter U tile.

The problem with Q words is that most people don’t know a lot of Q words, but if you memorize a few Q words, you can easily use them to your advantage. Even if you can’t remember more words, you can still remember the word “IQ” which can be played almost anywhere on the board and you can place it on a triple letter in either direction, which gives a score of at least 74 points for just two points.

2. Learn how to use prefixes and suffixes

Most people forget about the use of prefixes and suffixes when playing Scrabble, but these are things that can improve your game instantly. Looking for common table prefixes such as anti, a, re, say, etc. will improve your game and help you run the game in your favor.

Plus common suffixes such as s, es, west, uh, ing or ly can also help add to your final score. Using suffixes and prefixes is straightforward, and all you need to do is have a careful eye on the board so that you can add prefixes or suffixes whenever you see an opening.

3. Learn to use two-letter words

Playing two words while playing Scrabble can be a great strategy game as you can use them as square brackets and help them connect to another word thus doubling your score. Mastering two letter words will open up a lot of possibilities for you on the board and you will be able to form as many different words as possible with just a few movements.

Popular two-letter words include To, do, be, my, etc. and you have to learn these words and have an active mind so that whenever you see an opening you can easily place those words on the board and double the score for yourself. These words are mainly used as a side game or to hook another word.

4. Use the tools

If you’re really struggling at Scrabble and can’t win a game, maybe it’s time for you to help yourself out with a few tools that can help you improve. There are different tools available that can help you at Scrabble, but the most notable include Scrabble word search and Anagram solver which are specially designed to help new and struggling players with Scrabble.

Although the use of such tools is not allowed, there may be an exception if you are someone new to the game of Scrabble and want to improve yourself, you can get help from these tools, but afterwards you have improved. this, you should stop using these tools.

5. Learn the use of compound words

Another strategy used by many high level players in the game of Scrabble is to create compound words. If you are unfamiliar with compound words, these are two words combined to form a single word, for example, table and top can be combined together to form a table top, or sun and sun. flower can be combined to make sunflower. There are thousands of different combinations where you can join two words to form a single compound word.

Usually, compound words are played to counter your opponent’s stroke. When your opponents are playing a word, do a quick mental vocabulary and see if you can add words at the start or end of the word to create another word. If you can counter and turn their word into a compound word, you can easily expand on a triple play without them even realizing that they’ve made such a big mistake.

6. Swap tiles if you have a bad board

You should never be afraid to swap tiles because if you have any tiles on hand that only contain vowels or consonants you cannot score more than 10 points per turn and it is time for you to swap tiles. Many people who have been playing Scrabble for a while avoid doing so and end up scoring less.

Remember, if you have a bad board, don’t hesitate to swap it as you’ll have a better chance of scoring more points in the next round than you get this round. It’s a risk worth taking.

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