Adults’ “Digital Weariness” is Driving Up Board Game Sales

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The market for puzzles and games is expected to grow to 12 billion dollars by the end of the year. EuromonitorInternational predicts.

The rising number of gamers looking for alternatives to digital games has helped the industry of tabletop gaming to grow to new heights in the last year. The industry is predicted to expand in 2021.

This is based on the latest report from the market analysis firm EuromonitorInternational, which predicted that the global Games and Puzzles market – which includes Tabletop, tabletop RPGs, as well in trading card games as well as traditional jigsaws, would be valued at greater than $12.4billion in the year ahead.

Despite the impact of COVID19 on the business, the estimate comes after an unprecedented year for tabletop games. The report said that players are drawn to the game cabinet with a flurry due to the fact that they are given an opportunity to participate in lockdowns, the growing enthusiasm for games from the past, and the importance of playing on the board, even when faced with economic uncertainty resulting from the Brexit procedure within the UK.

According to Euromonitor, the global Puzzles and Games market was valued at $11.7 billion in 2018, up more than $1 billion from the previous year’s $10.3 billion. Euromonitor believes that a large growth in the US market alone was responsible for more than a third of the total – $3.6 billion, including $436 million in the UK market. Experts predict that the US puzzles and games business will increase to $4 billion by 2021, while the UK market will expand to $449 million.

Senior analyst MarcAlonso attributed the rise in the market share of board games to a lack of interest among older players in video games and other digital games, as well as increased interest in toys like Lego and action figures for 2020.

“Alonso stated that “apart from internet gaming, some important categories of traditional toys and games were some of the biggest accelerators for growth in 2020.”Construction toys, together with action figures, puzzles, games, and other riddles, have recently attracted the attention of parents and can provide a secure atmosphere for consumers suffering from digital fatigue.

“This pattern persisted throughout the epidemic in 2020, with value increase near 20percent in both the Western European and US markets for games and puzzles.”

According to Alonso, the demolition of stereotypes by fans of the older generation aided the appeal of tabletop games and some leisure activities that are typically regarded to be for youngsters.

“The main draw for these toys is that they correspond to the ‘kidult’ trend depicted by older millennials,” Alonso continued. Construction toys and action figures also allow for an escape from internet platforms. “An unwillingness to relinquish ‘childish’ interests like superhero action figures or Lego construction sets is proving beneficial to the traditional toy sector at a time when new generations are turning to the internet earlier than ever.”

Euromonitor estimates that Monopoly and Dungeons and Dragons Magic: The Gathering maker Hasbro remains the most popular puzzle and games business in the world. The firm recently announced that the year 2020 was the most successful year in Dungeons & Dragons history, with the tabletop RPG growing by 33% over the previous year and surpassing 50 million players as of the date of writing. The news follows the company’s declaration of a record-breaking year in the board game Monopoly and trading card games like Magic: The Gathering, as well as “excellent years” for other family-friendly favorites like Operation, Connect 4, and Jenga.

Second-largest Puzzles and Games manufacturer in the world of Puzzles and Games is the German manufacturerRavensburger which produces a range of puzzles and board games, such as the kid-friendly Labyrinth and the well-known dice game The Disney Villainous series and TheCastles ofBurgundy. The third one is Mattel which is the inventor of games that are suitable designed for families, such as Pictionary, Uno, and Scrabble, as well as Hot Wheels, FisherPrice toys, and Barbie.

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