Battle Chess 4000 Re-release and Discounted Mega Bundle are now on Steam

Interplay Entertainment’s first self-published series returns with the Battle Chess 4000 re-release on Steam and a discounted mega bundle.

Battle chessthe critically and commercially successful retro game series from Interplay Entertainment, is back with the re-release of the clay anime Chess battle 4000, which is available with the entire series in a discounted Mega Bundle. Originally released for Microsoft DOS in 1992, Chess battle 4000 took the classic game of chess and paired it with sci-fi settings like those of star wars and 2001: A Space Odyssey. What sets the title apart from other chess-inspired games is its library of hundreds of thousands of opening moves, clay modeled chess pieces with their own unique animations, and challenging AI.


While there are plenty of new kids on the block of modern game development, some of the most recognizable studios were formed in the 80s, and Interplay Entertainment can be counted among them. Long before the formation of the modern gaming industry, Interplay was involved in over 100 titles, including groundbreaking franchises Descent, The earthworm Jim, Baldur’s Gateand the constant increase Fall series of games. Interplay no longer develops its own games, but continues to publish an extensive catalog of titles, preserving over 40 years of its legacy for players new and old.

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Interplay Entertainment continues its journey to reintroduce its most famous games with a re-release of the Battle chess series. Now available on To smoke, Chess battle 4000 is available for $10 with a 40% discount on the launch week, as well as a 30% discount Mega Bundle Battle Chess including Battle chess, Battle Chess: Improved, Battle Chess 2: Chinese Chessand Chess battle 4000. Moreover, each title of the Battle chess has been updated to support Linux and macOS operating systems, and they have received support for features such as Steam Remote Play Together, allowing online play in classic games.

Following the reissue of Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance, Interplay Entertainment also revealed that it is updating all of its existing games on the digital storefront. Steam users with Linux and macOS operating systems will be able to play more than Battle chess now, like 30 Interplay titles – including Redneck Rampage, The earthworm Jim, Descent and toonstruck – are supported on Linux and macOS starting today, October 14.

With the famed studio bringing back an updated collection of previous games and the re-release of Chess battle 4000, Interplay’s future could be bright. The publisher should release even more titles, including a possible reissue of Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance 2, after the successful remaster of the original. Until more information is shared on this, players can grab the Battle chess on Steam and revisit the unique old-school chess title on modern hardware.

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