Boteler Chess Players Face Fierce Opposition

MEMBERS of Warrington Sir Thomas Boteler CE Secondary School Chess Club traveled to Bolton to compete in the English Federation Schools Chess u19 Tournament at Bolton School.

There were some very experienced and older students who took part in the event, including a few England juniors and county players.

After several difficult games, Boteler had won 4-2 and the team was smiling, happy to leave on a positive note.

Computer teacher Jonathan Miller, who runs the school’s chess club, said: “Pupils had a great time, enjoyed both chess and the cultural experience at Bolton School and played against other students.

“Some valuable lessons have been learned on how to take time and think, how to avoid six mate, watch for discovered attacks and even the psychology behind chess and the use of chess clocks. “

Boteler students have the chance to qualify for the next round, via an online repechage in the coming weeks, which will be played at school.

The team also has the opportunity to participate in the National Schools Puzzle Solving Competition before Christmas, so they will be working on that as well.

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