Catania, Pandemic, Scrabble and more

Life can get hectic at times, but getting the family together for fun is mandatory. If everyone is ready to take a break from their computers, tablets, and smartphones, it might be a good idea to play a board game with the family.

And, we’re not just talking about classics like Monopoly Where Scrabble. Today there are so many ways to play, whether you want to build an empire or challenge yourself to make some crazy words. To find a game that works for everyone on your team, whether they’re adults, teens, or kids, consider a few things:

Competence level: Take note of the skill levels of family members. If it’s teenagers or adults, you can opt for a more complex, challenging, pop-culture-style family board game. On the other hand, if you play with children, choose a game that will keep them entertained for hours and not too hard to play.

Numbers of players: Once you’ve gathered participants, find a family board game that can accommodate your crew. If you are playing with four or fewer people, you can choose a game that is suitable for a small group. For family gatherings where there are four to eight people, a game designed for large parties would work best.

Theme: What kind of games do you like to play? If you’re more of a history buff, look for games that focus on times gone by, like the Oregon Trail or ancient Greece. For all things sci-fi and mystery, you’ll need a game that challenges your team to solve crimes and work together to smash pandemics. If you are passionate about learning new skills, a pun or money themed game works best. On the other hand, if you’re playing with kids, a little softer play with princesses, dinosaurs, or an interactive game will keep them entertained for hours.

Ease of use: Before you have a game night, there are a few things you need to do first: setup and instructions. Take note of what is needed to play the game. If there is too much equipment, a long setup, or complicated instructions, skip it and choose something else. You will be thankful for saving time on setting up and explaining the game.

Ready for the best game night with your team? We’ve rounded up the best family board games for all ages, skill levels, and party sizes.

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