Chess: Carlsen will not defend the world championship in 2023

Magnus Carlsen will not defend his title of world champion in 2023 against the Russian Ian Nepomniachtchi. The five-time winner will instead focus on his bid to become the first player to reach the heights of a 2900 rating, a goal he has already narrowly missed twice.

Carlsen explained, in a podcast for his sponsor Unibet: “I’m not motivated to play another game. I feel like I don’t have much to gain and I just won’t play. He said he thought long and hard about his decision, long before the 2021 series where he beat Nepomniachtchi without losing a match.

Carlsen may have made a shrewd move in the context of whether he or Garry Kasparov ranks as the greatest player of all time. He can now focus on the events he likes best and in the next two months he will be competing in major tournaments in Zagreb, Chennai, Miami and St Louis.

Bobby Fischer in 1975 relinquished his Fide champion title, then retired apart from a brief return in 1992. Kasparov broke with Fide in 1993, and the schism went unhealed for more than a year. decade.

The latter is the closest parallel, and Kasparov then set up a rival organization. Carlsen has given no indication of doing so, but his chief aide Peter Heine Nielsen is currently No. 2 in a ticket in next month’s Fide election, while his group Play Magnus controls prominent websites Chess24 and Chessable and has an extensive network of contacts among organizations and potential sponsors.

The 2023 world title match will now pit Nepomniachtchi against Chinese world number 2 Ding Liren. It could turn out to be a low-key affair, with a risk that it ends like the last women’s world championship, half in Shanghai and half in Vladivostok.

Meanwhile, Carlsen and Nepomniachtchi drew the opening round in Zagreb on Wednesday. They will reunite for a five-minute blitz, easily viewable live and free online, on Saturday at 4:30 p.m. and Sunday at 3:30 p.m.

The England team are seeded 10th in Chennai, where Russia is banned, China is absent due to Covid-19, the United States are heavy favorites and two Indian teams are the main challengers. England’s Michael Adams and Luke McShane are warming up this week in Dortmund, where both have started well. McShane advanced to 2/2 in the German Grand Prix by a nice victory against the Czech No. 1.

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