Comrades Marathon has now become a Monopoly board game and people love it


To celebrate the Camrades Marathon, the largest and oldest ultra-marathon race in the world, a Comrades Marathon Centenary Monopoly board game is about to be launched!

This is exciting because all Marathon Comrades enthusiasts can now be part of the action as they play this classic and fast-paced real estate exchange board game that is always popular with their family and friends.

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The theme was thought up by Sportsvendo CEO and also double gold medalist Leon Swanepoel, who has been involved in the sports industry for 30 years.

“As a Comrades Marathon runner I was once struck that the famous Comrades Marathon could be the perfect theme for a Monopoly field,” said Swanepoel.

Swanepoel noticed a few years ago that Monopoly had started producing its popular board game along with other existing brands and points of interest. “I was fascinated and immediately became a collector of Monopoly board games. There are over 1,000 different themed Monopoly board games, and that includes movies, artists, history, retailers and strong brands in general, ”he said.

“The Comrades Marathon and the Monopoly Board Game include benchmarks and after [had] After some research, I discovered that no urban marathon or road race had ever been used for a Monopoly theme, ”he explained.

A meeting with the Monopoly team followed in London, and Sportsvendo secured the rights. The Monopoly Comrades Marathon Centenary panel is designed according to the traditional Monopoly panel where properties start with the cheapest and end with the most expensive.

“As a Comrade Marathon enthusiast, I am so excited about this board game,” said Bruce Fordyce, who holds the record for winning the Comrade Marathon nine times. Bruce challenged Swanepoel to a game of Monopoly which Swanepoel accepted and said “maybe this is the only time to beat Bruce”.

“For everyone who has participated in the Camrades Marathon, this painting will surely also awaken memories and now everyone, even those who have never participated, can experience it in a different way,” said Swanepoel.

The management of the Comrades Marathon alternates each year between the Up Run, from Durban, and the Down Run from Pietermaritzburg. The centenary year is celebrated in 2021 and it would have been a Down Run starting in Pietermaritzburg and ending in Durban. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic prevented the 2021 race from taking place.

Monopoly board game enthusiasts and Marathon Comrades enthusiasts can expect the following on the board game:

  • Benchmarks on the Down Run – in other words starting in Pietermaritzburg and ending in Durban.
  • Course records for the Down Run (men / women), as well as the fastest foreign runners on the Down Run (men / women) as the most expensive properties, were used. And, of course, Bruce Fordyce, for his nine wins, is also included.
  • The two traditional places of taxation have been replaced with two cut-off times on the Down Run – this is aligned with the penalties.
  • For the four traditional travel venues, four of the previous Durban “Down” finish venues were used.
  • For the two traditional utilitarian properties, the Marathon Comrades House and the Marathon Comrades Wall of Honor were used. These two properties are referred to as “Comrades Marathon Visitor Sites”.
  • Chance and Community Chess cards / questions are marked Down Run and Up Run, with appropriate “running” references.

Sportsvendo is the event company behind the famous Color Run series and equally successful Warner Bros. Virtual Run series. Justice League. Over 1,000 sporting events have already been produced by Sportsvendo, with some events also being finalists for Sport Industry Awards in previous years.

Winning the Comrades Marathon is now within your reach with the Comrades Marathon Centenary Monopoly board game!

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