Eagle Transformers Hero Collector Chess Set


Transformers Chess Pieces | Source: Hero Collector

Your favorite Robots in Disguise are ready to take another form: as pawns, knights, bishops, towers, kings and queens on a chessboard!

Eagle’s Hero Collector has teamed up with Hasbro to launch an official Transformers chess campaign on Kickstarter. If sufficiently funded, the chess set will consist of 32 game pieces: 16 Autobots and 16 Decepticons, each taking the place of a classic chess piece. The hand-painted game pieces will feature a variety of Transformers in their robot forms, inspired by the classic Generation One Transformers cartoon from the 80s. Of course, Optimus Prime and Megatron are the opposing kings, while Hot Rod is a knight. Autobot, Bumblebee, and Prowl are Autobot pawns, Starscream is Queen Decepticon, and Soundwave and Shockwave are Decepticon pawns. Each Transformer piece is 4 to 6 inches tall, on bases that feature the corresponding chess piece symbols.

The Transformers Chess Game | Source: Hero Collector

The set also comes with a Cybertron-themed chessboard, with color-coded symbols in Autobot Red or Decepticon Purple.

The Kickstarter campaign officially launched today and will remain active for 42 days. Hero Collector must raise $ 300,000 to successfully fund the set. The campaign also offers a variety of rewards for different levels of support: Contribute $ 10 for an exclusive Transformers pin, $ 50 to get the Optimus Prime pin and chess piece; $ 600 for the complete chess set and a 272 page book describing the characters in the chess game; $ 650 to get the set, book, and a special replacement king (Galvatron); and $ 700 or more to get the set, the book, and two replacement kings (Galvatron and Rodimus Prime).

To learn more about the set and to support the project, visit herocollector.com/transformers.

The Hasbro team unveiled this project today as part of a larger Transformers-themed Fan First Friday livestream. Click here for the full presentation!


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