English cricketer legend Andrew Flintoff admits to being a great Scrabble player


Cricket hero Andrew Flintoff learned a few choice words during the lockdown… which helped him become a Scrabble champion.

The Top Gear host has spent long hours collecting points playing the classic word game at home with his wife Rachael and their family.

And the former England skipper, nicknamed Freddie, became so addicted to the game that he switched to playing online against opponents as far away as America.

The former Lancashire all-rounder has learned clever points-earning tactics, such as using words starting with a Q that don’t need to be followed by a U.

Freddie Flintoff entered his Scrabble.

Dad of four, Freddie, 42, said: “I still play a bit of chess, although my last thing is online Scrabble.

“I got a 96 the other day for QUIZ on a triple letter. And did you know that ZO and QIN are words?

“I’m really into it right now, but I’ll get bored and quit soon.” Scrabble was established in 1938 and is sold in 121 countries, with nearly 4,000 official clubs around the world.

Flintoff recently worked on Top Gear.

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A friend revealed: “Freddie will turn to anything for a challenge, and he’s

really been bitten by the scrabble bug.

“Like everything he does, he wants to excel and do his best, so he’s spent years playing and figuring out what nifty words with good points value he can get away with.

“He takes it seriously and doesn’t like any of his words being rejected at all.”

Flintoff quit cricket in 2010 after winning 219 England test wickets and became the country’s third most successful bowler in the one-day internationals.

In December, Rachael, 39, pictured above with Freddie, gave birth to their fourth child, Preston – named after the Lancashire town where her father was born.

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