Fall Guys Monopoly board game crossover revealed

Fall Guys will have its own Monopoly game with many of the game’s iconic elements, including crowns, obstacles, and more.

Monopoly has been one of the world’s most iconic board games since the game’s first version launched in 1935. In the 87 years since the massively popular game’s launch, it has been adapted into countless different forms with lots of spin – board games and video games taking a different spin on the tried-and-true formula of gaming. The popularity of Monopoly has also seen many releases tied to popular media franchises and, now, Monopoly officially going through one of the biggest gaming crazes of recent years, fall guys.

fall guys alike took the world by storm after its release in August 2020, gaining fast due to its popularity among streamers and the simple yet addictive gameplay. Similar to Monopolyfrequent ties to pop culture behemoths, fall guys featured many of the biggest franchises in games, movies, and TV as crossover costumes for the game‘s iconic bean-shaped characters. fall guys‘ new collaboration will bring beans, wreaths and congratulations to a tabletop environment.

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fall guys announced the collaboration with Hasbro on Monday via the game’s official Twitter. Monopoly Fall Guys presents several variations of the classic game formula based on elements of the video game with several fall guys obstacles introduced in the game, including moving walls, swings, and the iconic Big Yeetus. Players will be able to collect kudos instead of the standard Monopoly cash and will be rewarded with crowns when passing GO, rewarding players with 10,000 kudos at the end of the game. The board game is already available in the United States on Amazon and will soon be available in other regions.

Monopoly Fall Guys is just the latest in a long history of video games adapted to the long-running board game. Many of the biggest game franchises have been converted to tabletop format thanks to Monopoly big franchises like The Legend of Zelda and Pokemon to some of today’s most popular games like sea ​​of ​​thieves and even YouTubers like Scott the Woz.

All along fall guysHugely successful since its release in 2020, one of the game’s most popular elements has been its wide variety of costumes allowing players to customize their characters. The game featured several collaborations not just with games, but with popular media franchises such as A Nightmare Before Christmas and tronand content creators like Mr. Beast and Ninja. fall guys conquered the world after its debut and the launch of Fall Guys Monopoly will only serve to further cement the legacy of the game in gaming history.

fall guys is now available for PC and PS4. Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and Switch versions are currently in development.

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