Thu, 16 Sep 2021 01:06:25 +0000 en-US hourly 1 AVU freshman eliminates elected grandmaster to win state chess title Mon, 13 Sep 2021 19:49:30 +0000

Still, Morefield had doubts ahead of their Labor Day weekend rematch.

“The question, ‘Am I able to beat him in a serious tournament that usually lasts a few hours?’ was definitely still there, ”said Morefield.

The answer was a resounding “yes”.

In a match of around three hours, Morefield secured the winning position in 26 moves, with Balakrishnan playing until move 44.

Still, Morefield needed at least one win and one draw in his last two matches to win the tournament – which he achieved.

“It was more relieving than anything else,” said Morefield, who has competed in the tournament since 2013, with varying degrees of success. “[Winning the title] only really settled in after about an hour.

A student in the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences who plans to major in aerospace engineering, Morefield is excited to begin his career as a varsity player. Last week he attended his first UVA Chess Club meeting. Morefield’s goal is to represent the AVU at the January Pan American Collegiate Chess Championships in Dulles.

During the pandemic, Morefield – who was homeschooled – created a free chess program for budding players which is hosted by the Hampton Roads Chess Association.

The oldest of three siblings, Morefield said it was fun to watch the growth of chess since the release of the hit Netflix show, “The Queen’s Gambit.”

“Chess was already skyrocketing in popularity because everyone was stuck in their homes and turning to online chess, but the [show] has certainly made that worse and has resulted in exponential growth in the number of members on chess websites, ”said Morefield.

Count Morefield as a fan of the series. “They pretty much have everything to do with the chess tournament scene during that very specific period of time,” he said.

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Play Magnus Group and MPL Partner to Launch MPL Indian Chess Tour, Marketing & Advertising News, ET BrandEquity Mon, 30 Aug 2021 08:52:00 +0000 Play Magnus Group (PMG) and Mobile Premier League (MPL) have announced an exclusive partnership to launch the MPL Indian Chess Tour. The new MPL Indian Chess Tour will be organized next year by PMG, founded by world champion Magnus Carlsen, in partnership with MPL.

Together with MPL, Play Magnus Group aims to introduce the innovative online format of the India Tour and encourage further growth of the game across the region.

Andreas Thome, CEO of Play Magnus Group, said: “India is a rapidly growing market for chess and the MPL Indian Chess Tour is a fantastic opportunity for young Indian players to shine both on this new national circuit. and on the world champions of Meltwater. Chess tower.

Sai Srinivas, co-founder and CEO of MPL, added, “Our goal at MPL is to grow the esports industry by making it more accessible and inclusive. This partnership with Play Magnus Group reinforces our commitment by bringing one of the world’s largest chess initiatives to India and making it known to the general public. We have a lot of talented players in the country and the MPL Indian Chess Tour will help provide a stage for them to show off their skills and also give them the opportunity to compete at an international level. We look forward to expanding this association in the future to provide unique gaming experiences to all of our MPL users. ”

The tour will feature four online tournaments followed by a final where the winner will be crowned MPL Indian Chess Tour Champion 2022. Matches will be broadcast on chess24, chess24india and MPL’s YouTube and Facebook channels.

MPL will host four qualifiers on its platform where each winner will receive entry to each tournament and face off against top Indian GMs in the MPL Indian Chess Tour.

Avadh Shah, Vice President, Esports, MPL, said: “The Meltwater Champions Chess Tour has solidified its position as one of the most prestigious chess events in the world and we are delighted to partner with the Play Magnus Group to bring him to India through the MPL Indian Chess Tour. “

Sunil Kamath, Regional Vice President, APAC, PMG, added: “We are delighted to partner with MPL and offer this exciting tour to our extremely talented Indian chess players.”

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How to win the tic-tac-toe every time Thu, 19 Aug 2021 07:00:00 +0000

A few simple strategies can make you a tic tac toe master.

Tic tac toe is a classic game. It can be played virtually anywhere and on anything, from a bar towel to a computer monitor to a chic wooden set.

However, while the game may seem straightforward, it is misleading. How to win the tic tac toe requires strategic thinking and planning to win the match or force a draw. To do this, however, you need to master some strategies. Another deceptive game? Rock, paper, scissors, here’s how to win every time.

How to win the tic tac toe when you go first

When you are the first to stand, there is a simple strategy for winning noughts and crosses: place your “X” in any corner. This move will send you almost every time to the winning circle, as long as your opponent doesn’t place their first “O” in the center square. It can make it harder to win, but it can happen.

How to win the tic tac toe when you pass in second

If you are the second to play, it may be more difficult to win the game. If your opponent takes the center space, counteract this by placing your letter in a corner. If your opponent takes a corner square, take the middle square. This will force a draw in either case. Winning is almost impossible unless some major mistake is made by your opponent.

But, if your opponent starts on an edge that is not a corner, you can win. There is an exact science on how to win the tic tac toe if it does: Put your first letter in the center. You can only claim victory if your opponent puts their letter on the other side. Otherwise, you will have to settle for a draw.

How to win the tic tac toe every time

It’s actually hard to win at the tic tac toe every time. Although the board is small, many variables depend on the opponent’s placement. Do you play the most advanced game of Scrabble? These 30 words can help you win every time.

Does it matter whether you are “X” or “O”?

Whether you’re the first or the second to go, how to win the noughts and crosses doesn’t depend on your streak. So, no, it doesn’t matter if you are the “X” or the “O”, but it doesn’t matter where you play your letters.

What if the center was taken?

There is always a possibility of winning the game if the central square has been taken. One way is to simply wait for your opponent to make a mistake and take advantage of it. However, if possible, occupy two opposite corners. This can allow you to win if your opponent places their letter in another corner.

Symmetry is your friend

If you’re unsure of the next move, experts point out that symmetry is always the best bet, so when considering a move, look for the one that will make the board as symmetrical as possible. Not only will this make your board look beautiful, but it will also prevent your opponent from running away with a victory.

Is a draw worth a victory?

While a straight win might seem more satisfying, being able to force a draw requires skill and strategy. If your opponent takes the middle square with an “X” or “O”, the next move to secure a tie is to place your letter in one of the corners. That way, no movement will allow them to win.

Need some new mental exercises to keep your brain in shape? Try these 95 puzzle games.

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Hero Collector and Hasbro Join Forces to Create Transformers Chess Press Release Fri, 13 Aug 2021 17:42:12 +0000

Hero Collector and Hasbro join forces to bring Transformers Chess to Kickstarter

(London, UK – August 13, 2021) Hero Collector – award-winning designers and publishers of high-quality collectibles from pop culture worlds – partners with Hasbro to launch its first-ever Kickstarter campaign: a whole new Transformers Chess Game!

This epic chess set will feature 32 unique game pieces – 16 for Heroic Autobots and 16 for Villainous Decepticons – created specifically for the Kickstarter and modeled after the classic Transformers Generation One (G1) cartoon from the 1980s! Each model is digitally sculpted, then cast in a metallic resin and painted by hand. The sculptures, which show the Transformers in their robot form, were developed with Hasbro and are based on the original animation designs and careful study of the animated series.

Standing 4 to 6 inches tall on a base marked with the symbol of the relevant chess piece, these robotic warriors will wage war on an exclusive Cybertron-themed chessboard, with symbols color-coded in Autobot Red or Decepticon Purple . These two warring factions include iconic characters such as:

King of the Autobots: Optimus Prime. Beloved Autobot Commander Optimus Prime has defended freedom in countless clashes across Cybertron – and Earth, where he adopted his famous alternate truck mode.

Autobot Knight: Hot Rod. A young and brash Autobot with an alternate race car mode, Hot Rod eventually grew up to lead the Autobots – as Rodimus Prime!

Autobot pawn: Bumblebee. The heart of the Autobots, Bumblebee was quick to befriend their human allies in his iconic Yellow Beetle alternate mode.
Autobot Pawn: Prowl. Autobo’s gruff strategist
ts, the alternative mode of Prowl’s police car suited his pragmatic personality.

King Decepticon: Megatron. The formidable leader and founder of the Decepticons, and the eternal enemy of Optimus Prime, Megatron sought nothing less than complete and relentless domination of Cybertron!

Queen Decepticon: Starscream. The scheming second-in-command of the Decepticons, Starscream has constantly plotted to overthrow Megatron.

Decepticon Knight: Soundwave. The Decepticons’ stalwart communications officer, Soundwave gathered intelligence using his trio of cassette minions.

Decepticon Knight: Shock wave. The Decepticons’ operations commander, cold logic, and Shockwave’s laser turret mode made it a deadly threat.

This Kickstarter will launch on August 13, 2021 – with a delivery date of Q4 2022. A variety of supporting giveaways are planned for fans who want to go the extra mile to bring this game to life – including a Transformers badge, book more exclusive Transformers and Gen-1 chess pieces!

Fans and collectors alike should stay tuned for more information, such as the full character roster and lofty goal details. You can visit the page now at


Hero Collector is Eagle’s footprint for genre collectibles and is one of the world’s leading producers of fantasy diecast figures and vehicles. It manufactures products based on many of the world’s most popular entertainment brands. For more information, visit and


Hasbro (NASDAQ: HAS) is a global games and entertainment company committed to making the world a better place for all kids, fans, and families. Hasbro delivers immersive brand experiences to a global audience through consumer products, including toys and games; entertainment via eOne, his independent studio; and games, led by the team at Wizards of the Coast, an award-winning tabletop and digital games developer best known for the fantastic MAGIC: THE GATHERING and DUNGEONS & DRAGONS franchises.

The company’s unrivaled portfolio of approximately 1,500 brands includes MAGIC: THE GATHERING, NERF, MY LITTLE PONY, TRANSFORMERS, PLAY-DOH, MONOPOLY, BABY ALIVE, DUNGEONS & DRAGONS, POWER RANGERS, PEPPA PIG and PJ MASKS, as well as leading partner brands. . Over the past decade, Hasbro has been consistently recognized for its corporate citizenship, including being named one of the Top 100 Corporate Citizens by 3BL Media and one of the World’s Most Ethical Companies by the Ethisphere Institute. . Important business and brand updates are regularly shared on our investor relations website, newsroom, and social channels (@Hasbro on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn.)

© 2021 Hasbro, Inc. All rights reserved.

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Chessable Masters QF: Aronian, Artemiev, Le, So Through To Semis Sat, 07 Aug 2021 07:00:00 +0000

The semi-finals of the Chessable Masters will see the clashes GM Vladislav Artemiev v GM Wesley So and GM Levon Aronian v GM Le Quang Liem. Favorites in their quarter-final matches, GM Alireza Firouzja and GM Hikaru Nakamura were eliminated, the latter in an armageddon match with Artemiev.

How to look?
Games of the KO Chessable Masters can be found here as part of our live events platform. Daily commentary is provided on GM Hikaru Nakamura’s Twitch channel starting at 8:00 a.m. Pacific / 5:00 p.m. Central Europe.

Aronian, the winner of the previous Champions Chess Tour event, is back in shape. In his two matches with Mamedyarov, the Armenian general manager only needed three matches to win.

However, when it comes to his actual play, Aronian said he was “very sloppy” and only his third game on Wednesday “went well”. The game chosen below, the first of the day, is a good example.

In a typical Aronian remark, he added: “Sometimes I feel like I’m a perfect patzer and then I think, if I’m a complete patzer, then some guys who are not very good at chess? “ Game of the Day Dejan Bojkov

Chessable Masters 2021 Levon Aronian
Aronian: “Sometimes I feel like I’m a perfect patzer.” Image: Champions chess tower.

Aronian will now face Le, who again turned out to be in excellent form beating Firouzja 2-0. Because Le also won the first game, those two games were all it took. The Vietnamese GM, who won the 2013 World Blitz Championship, will play his first Tour semi-final.

A much longer affair was Artemiev-Nakamura, who first traded blows and then drew before the two again won their shutout in the 5 | 3 blitz. Then it was Artemiev who won another white match in armageddon.

The opening was critical there when some wild potential complications turned into a rather dry mid-game position that it was difficult for Black to win:

Van Forest was absolutely surprising on day one, holding So 2-2. Also on the second day, he fought very well with a very interesting first match:

Wesley So Chessable Masters 2021
Wesley So. Image: Champions chess tower.

All Games Day 5

The Chessable Masters runs from July 31 to August 8, 2021 on chess24. The preliminary phase was a fast-paced (15 | 10) 16-player round robin tournament. The top eight players qualified for a six-day knockout which consists of two days of four-game quick matches, which switch to blitz (5 | 3) and armageddon (White has five minutes, Black has four without. increment) only if a knockout match is tied after Matchday 2. The prize fund is $ 100,000, including a first prize of $ 30,000.

Previous reports:

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What are the advantages of playing competitive Scrabble? Mon, 02 Aug 2021 08:19:52 +0000

Scrabble is a very popular word game that is played between 2 to 4 players and is generally considered a family game that is played between family members on a rainy day or on weekends. In recent years, more and more people have started to take an interest in Competitive Scrabble, and just like competitive chess, competitive Scrabble also requires dedication, practice, training and time to become a leading actor.

What is Competitive Scrabble?

Competitive Scrabble is just normal Scrabble, but the only major difference is that you play it at a competitive level against players who have higher skills than regular players. In Competitive Scrabble, the thinking behind each move is much higher than in regular Scrabble.

Benefits of Competitive Scrabble

Playing competitive Scrabble is not only fun, but has different cognitive and social benefits, as well as the most obvious benefit of expanding vocabulary. Some of the benefits of playing competitive scrabble are as follows:

Extended vocabulary

Playing competitive Scrabble has the most obvious advantage which is an expanded vocabulary. It is a fun way to learn English language and also some difficult words from other languages ​​which are also added in Scrabble dictionary. When you play Scrabble for a while you don’t have a hard time understanding difficult texts /

New life experiences

Another advantage of playing competitive scrabble is that you have the opportunity to travel abroad, have new life experiences, meet new people, and expand your opportunities as much as possible.

Anti stress

Scrabble is also a great stress reliever because not only is your mind engaged in the game, but you also bond with the other players you play.

Build confidence

When you play Scrabble you get a feeling of satisfaction whether you win or lose the game. When you are able to anagram high scoring words you instantly get that feeling of satisfaction and a boost of confidence that makes Scrabble different from the rest of the games.

While competitive Scrabble takes a lot of time, practice, and practice, it is well worth it. You can easily practice the online game on a similar game, Words with friends which has the same rules as Scrabble or you can use tools such as Scrabble word search that help you better understand the game. Playing Scrabble is fun and is also good for your health, the psychosocial benefits of the game contribute to long-term health benefits that are visibly seen in people of all ages.



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Obscure Scrabble Rules Serious Players Should Know Mon, 02 Aug 2021 07:00:00 +0000