Free Solitaire and Scrabble video games are played on smartphones, tablets

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Most of today’s blockbuster video games feature photorealistic graphics and surround sound, but many remember the days when games were, well, simpler.

You know, a family sitting around board games like Scrabble or Monopoly. Maybe you have fond memories of playing cards with friends, or even alone in a game of Klondike solitaire. Or maybe you have a sentimental fondness for controlled pinball games with two fins.

Well, here’s the good news: Classics like these aren’t only available today, but are also playable on the one device you always have with you: your smartphone or tablet. And many are free.

According to the Entertainment Software Association, the increased availability of casual games is good for business, as 65% of American adults, or more than 164 million, play video games. Smartphone gaming continues to grow and is the most used device by 60% of gamers – and casual games are the most popular genre, played by 71% of adult gamers.

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There is no shortage of reinvented games of yesteryear, now for your smartphone and tablet, which you can download from the App Store (for iPhone and iPad) or Google Play (for Android devices).

Here are four relaxed classics that won’t disappoint.

Scrabble Go

When unemployed architect Alfred Mosher Butts invented Scrabble in 1938, he probably couldn’t imagine we would still be playing this iconic board game 82 years later. And on a touchscreen device that wirelessly connects competitors around the world, nothing less.

Scopely just launched Scrabble Go, in partnership with Hasbro (in North America) and Mattel (internationally), and it features a faithful reproduction of the pun you know and love – including the official game board, rules and dictionaries – plus other modes, useful boosts, and tournament-style matches against others.

The focus is on one-on-one play, where you can easily invite people from Facebook or WhatsApp (or your contacts) or randomly find other people to challenge (you can skip your turn when it suits you).

The game features customizable 3D tiles, training mode, stylish animation and sound effects and tracks lots of player stats.

There are also optional in-game purchases, such as gems to exchange for content, as well as a Scrabble Club membership ($ 4.99 / month), which offers several perks including no ads, access to exclusive items and rewards, unlimited use of the new Scrabble Scholar boost and more.

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Brain teaser

Sudoku fan? Crossword? Word searches? You can have it all in this free app, Puzzle Page. Puzzle Page is a must-have for those who enjoy the classic word and number games found in daily newspapers.

Puzzle Page has a simple interface for typing and tapping your way through its collection of fun and challenging word, logic, number and picture puzzles. Its fast load times keep the game smooth.

New puzzles are offered daily, but if you complete them all, you can use the Calendar view to quickly flip through the pages of previous days. To keep things fresh, this game also features special daily challenges, bonus games, unlockable trophies, and other rewards.

A recently added new game, Charge Up, is a logic puzzle that challenges you to organize electric cars so that every charging point is used, but no car can touch each other. The puzzle is complete when each charger is connected to a car and all remaining spaces are marked as empty.

The app is free, but optional in-app purchases (including a $ 5.99 / month or $ 35.99 / year subscription) unlock a lot of additional content, special games, and other perks.


Easy to learn but difficult to install, PinOut! spins the pinball games on his ear.

You will be familiar with the basics of the game: tap the right side of the screen to activate the right pinball machine and the left side for the left pinball machine as you try to keep a ball from falling.

But PinOut! adds a twist with a playing area that continues to expand forward so you can hit the ball, adding new ramps, bumpers, and obstacles.

Pin! is free and has no ads, but it does have an edgy look with its 80s-influenced neon lights, flashy colors and a stunning soundtrack, which combine to deliver a pinball game experience. engaging and fresh arcade.

Timing is everything, of course, in the pinball machine. But an optional premium upgrade for $ 3.99 is available through a one-time in-app purchase that lets you keep playing from checkpoints (instead of starting over from the beginning).

Microsoft Solitaire Collection

The most popular digital version of Solitaire – played by tens of millions of Windows users – is also a top choice on iOS and Android.

Downloadable for free for phones and tablets, Microsoft Solitaire Collection brings together the most popular single player games: Klondike, Spider, FreeCell, TriPeaks and Pyramid. Most of these games have rules that you can change, and you can also participate in events with other players, complete daily challenges, earn experience points (XP), and collect virtual bracelets as prizes.

Visually, this game comes with plenty of themes and card backs to choose from, and you can also create custom card backs from your own photos. And yes, those cute end-game animations – such as cards bouncing around the screen – have been carried over from the PC version.

While free, upgrading to Premium ($ 1.99 / month or $ 9.99 / year) removes ads and gives you more coins (to complete daily challenges) and boosts (for TriPeaks and Pyramid) .

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