FT Weekend Quiz: Ramallah, Scrabble and Prince William’s godfather

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All the answers here are related in some way. Once you spot the connection, anything you didn’t know the first time around should become easier.

  1. Port last seen and The riddle of the third mile are the books featuring which fictional detective as the protagonist?

  2. Which work was first performed in its usual present form at the 1899 Worcester Three Choirs Festival?

  3. Ramallah is the seat of government of which territory?

  4. According to its title, where was the poem that begins “The curfew tolls the death knell of the day of farewell” written?

  5. What’s the only word in the latest James Bond movie title that hasn’t appeared before?

  6. © Bailey-Cooper Photography/Alamy

    Who painted the mural in the dining room of the convent of Santa Maria delle Grazie in Milan?

  7. Scrabble tiles

    What are the only two consecutive letters of the alphabet whose Scrabble values ​​add up to 11?

  8. Which South African writer – and mentor to Prince Charles – was Prince William’s godfather?

  9. Which Bob Dylan studio album begins with “Like a Rolling Stone”?

  10. Which credit card – advertised as “Your flexible friend” and once Visa’s main rival in the UK – became obsolete in 1996?

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