Harry Potter USAopoly Scrabble Game


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Clear out your wizarding world vocabulary – you will need it now that Scrabble: World of Harry Potter is out. USAopoly’s new game adds a magical touch to the word-based board game. In addition to any words already in the dictionary, players can spell words like “accio” and “muggle” to receive magic word bonuses. And in a plot twist that will surely make classic Scrabble moan audibly audibly, character names like Hermione and Severus are all right despite being proper names, as are places in the Wizarding World (like Hogwarts and Gringotts), spells (like “épiskey”) and potion names (like “Amortentia”). Additionally, there will be Harry Potter cards unique to this version of the game that will give players the chance to earn more points and increase their final score.

It’s safe to say that we OG Scrabble players are thrilled and our kids are now going to have a magical reason to love the classic word game. Coming up, take a look at Scrabble: World of Harry Potter ($ 30), which is available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and other retailers now!

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