Hasbro Introduces Crooked Cash & Builder Versions Of Monopoly



Hasbro unveiled two new versions of Monopoly today, as players will soon be able to play the Builder and Twisted Species editions. Each version has its own unique take on the game that hasn’t really been explored this way. First of all, the Twisted Species The edition uses fake cash, fake Chance cards, indictment exhibits, and hidden revelations as you play a deceptive game that has the original charm with a few devious games. Meanwhile, the Builder The edit adds a strategic touch to things as players roam the board while buying properties and collecting rents, but they also gather resources into building blocks to build an island town in the middle of the board. You can read more about both below, as they are set to release in the summer and fall of 2021.

A preview of the Crooked Cash Edition, courtesy of Hasbro.

Monopoly Crooked Cash

(Ages 8 and up / Players: 2 to 4 / Approximate retail price: $ 19.99 / Available: fall 2021) Monopoly Crooked Cash things in the game are not always what they appear to be. Someone added counterfeit money and fake Chance cards! Luckily, Mr. Monopoly gives gamers his decoder so they can find the fakes while making their fortune. It’s a thrilling game of hidden revelations, and players can challenge their opponents for using scythes with indictments. But use them wisely! You only have a few coins to play. Understand Monopoly tokens that play the deceptive theme. The player with the most money at the end – real or fake – wins. Available at most major retailers.

A preview of the box art for the Builder Edition, courtesy of Hasbro.
A look at the art of the box for the Builder editing, courtesy of Hasbro.

Monopoly builder

(Ages 8 and up / Players: 2-4 / Approximate retail price: $ 24.99 / Available: August 1st) Monopoly game with a touch of strategy, and everything comes to life on Monopoly Island, located in the center of the board. With the Monopoly builder strategy game, players roam the board buying properties and collecting rents and resources. They also use building blocks to build their island city! The more a player builds, the more points he earns. The game ends when the penthouse is built. Available at most major retailers.

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