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Scopely, in partnership with Hasbro and Mattel, launched a brand new website for National Scrabble Day 2022. Now you can play competitive games on Scrabble.com. Starting today, you’ll see an entirely new website that’s been completely redesigned to give players a fresh take on the classic board game to experience. This is a much more modern design that is designed to flow better, have more chances of competition between players online, give you more options to play against a computer if you really want to challenge yourself against an AI , and ultimately provide a better experience for those who are fanatical about the game. Additionally, the new timer system is designed to help prevent cheating by forcing quick thinking without using a separate word finder or board to do the job. . You can find out more below.

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Designed for all players who enjoy strategy, crafting, and word game fun, Scrabble.com has something for everyone. Scrabble purists will love the authentic synchronous match experience, while those looking for something new will enjoy taking part in matchmade games and testing their skills against opponents of varying difficulty. The site’s clean design offers clear and focused gameplay with greater accessibility via browser support. Scrabble.com features include:

  • PvP and PvE modes — Players can choose synchronous player versus player (PvP) matches to challenge others in over 180 countries or player versus environment (PvE) mode
  • Word Tools — Access to the official “Scrabble Dictionary” as well as an anagram solver called “Word Finder”, which offers instant, multilingual support for finding over 4 million words and definitions
  • A Scrabble blog — Players can hear and learn from experts and use the blog as a resource portal to constantly refine their knowledge base
  • A Scrabble forum — A secure and moderated community hub to connect and compete with passionate Scrabble players

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