Here is a first look at the Transformers G1 chess game which is now on Kickstarter


Hasbro and Hero Collector are joining forces to launch their very first Kickstarter campaign for an all-new Transformers chess set inspired by the classic Transformers Generation One (G1) cartoon from the 1980s.

The Kickstarter launches today, August 13, and has a delivery date slated for Q4 2022. There are a ton of different support giveaways to choose from if you want to help support the project, including a Transformers badge, a Transformers profile book, and more. Exclusive Gen-1 chess pieces.

Transformers G1 chess images

This Transformers chess set includes 32 unique playing pieces – 16 for heroic Autobots and 16 for villainous deceptions in robot form – and each model is digitally sculpted, cast in metallic resin, and then hand painted.

Each model stands 4-6 inches tall on a base marked with their respective emblem, and the board itself is Cybertron-themed and features color-coded symbols in Autobot Red or Decepticon Purple.

Some of the iconic Transformers already revealed as chess pieces are as follows, along with their official descriptions;

  • Autobot King: Optimus Prime – Beloved Autobots Commander Optimus Prime has defended freedom in countless clashes across Cybertron – and Earth, where he adopted his famous alternate truck mode.
  • Autobot Knight: Hot Rod – A young and brash Autobot with an alternate race car mode, Hot Rod eventually grew up to lead the Autobots – as Rodimus Prime!
  • Autobot pawn: Bumblebee – The heart of the Autobots, Bumblebee was quick to befriend their human allies in his iconic Yellow Beetle alternate mode.
  • Autobot Pawn: Prowl – The snarling Autobots strategist, Prowl’s police car alternate mode suited his pragmatic personality.
  • King Decepticon: Megatron – The formidable leader and founder of the Decepticons, and the eternal nemesis of Optimus Prime, Megatron sought nothing less than complete and rock-solid domination of Cybertron!
  • Queen Decepticon: Starscream – The scheming second-in-command of the Decepticons, Starscream has constantly plotted to overthrow Megatron.
  • Decepticon Knight: Soundwave – The Decepticons’ stalwart communications officer, Soundwave gathered intelligence using his trio of cassette minions.
  • Decepticon Knight: Shockwave – The Decepticons’ operations commander, cold logic, and Shockwave’s laser turret mode made it a deadly threat.

There will be a lot more information shared as the Kickstarter campaign progresses, including the full list of chess pieces and details of potential goals.

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