Hero Collector launches Kickstarter campaign for Transformers Chess



Hero Collector is teaming up with Hasbro to launch its first Kickstarter campaign: a new Transformers chess game.

The set will include 32 unique game pieces – 16 for Autobots and 16 for Decepticons – created specifically for the Kickstarter and inspired by the classic 1980s cartoon “Generation One (G1) Transformers”. Each model is digitally sculpted, then cast in a metallic resin and painted by hand. The sculptures, which show the Transformers in their robot form, were developed with Hasbro and are based on the original animation designs and careful study of the animated series.

Standing 4-6 inches tall on a base marked with the symbol of the relevant chess piece, these robotic warriors will wage war on an exclusive Cybertron-themed chessboard, with symbols color-coded in Autobot Red or Decepticon Purple . The two warring factions include such characters as:

  • King of the Autobots: Optimus Prime;
  • Autobot Knight: Hot Rod;
  • Autobot pawn: Bumblebee;
  • Autobot Pawn: Prowl;
  • King Decepticon: Megatron;
  • Queen Decepticon: Starscream;
  • Decepticon Knight: Soundwave; and
  • Decepticon Knight: Shockwave.

This Kickstarter is now live with a delivery date of Q4 2022.

Fans and collectors can stay tuned for more information, such as the full character roster and lofty goal details. Visit the page now at herocollector.com/transformerschess.


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