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With the cooler months setting in, spending cozy nights at home is your best bet for escaping the gloomy weather outside. Gathering around the fireplace with your friends and family enjoying game nights might just be what the doctor ordered for relaxing weekends well spent. Your only concern will be to choose a game that all your guests will enjoy participating in.

Some people love crime solving games. Others prefer charades, while “intellectuals” will always think a pun is the obvious choice, as it’s both fun and educational, duh!! For these folks, Scrabble is the ultimate word game. The game has been around for ages, ever since it was first released by toy giant Mattel in 1948, so it should come as no surprise that each of these hardcore Scrabble fans has their own board that has been passed down from one family generation to another. It is indeed a fun way to reconnect and bond with the whole family. Here are some ways to show how this is possible.

Create memories

We all have that sneaky friend or uncle who just can’t help but seek out some kind of “help” in whatever game he’s playing. They just can’t help it! In their defense, paying is much more fun when you win! This crafty bunch certainly has Unscramblex at the top of their browser history for an extra helping hand when needed. But, at the other end of the spectrum, you have your dad who never misses a beat! He is the cheating police; he knows all your uncle’s tricks that he can spot from miles away! The laughs you share while these two get into it creates that kind of intimacy and familiarity with the people you bond with. Next holiday season, you’ll all remember and laugh at how it all happened at one of your family scrabble tournaments. These are moments that will prove precious over time.

Share your knowledge

Playing Scrabble with your kids and teaching them new words and meanings is a fun way to spend valuable family time. Later in class, your 8-year-old will get a head start with vocabulary lessons explaining to classmates how mom and dad taught him this new word and how to use it. Not only will your children appreciate the admiring remarks of the teacher, but he will be proud that you, as parents, participated in this triumphant moment of the class. As for the parents, they will be happy to still be able to participate in the education of their children, despite their 9 to 5 jobs which still make them feel guilty for not spending enough quality time with their children.

Learn life lessons

Even though Scrabble is essentially a word game, winning at it is highly dependent on strategic thinking. Knowing when to use which tile you have on hand is no easy task. By studying your older sister’s moves, you’ll learn how she always scores big on family game night. You’ll notice that she doesn’t just throw long words, but instead opts for words made up of the highest letters like the “Z” and “X” on the “triple word score” tiles while avoiding the risk of being cut. by someone else! Awesome, right? Thanks to your sister, this will be just a stepping stone in your understanding of how patience can be the key to winning big later in life. You will be forever grateful to your sister for teaching you this life lesson that will prove invaluable throughout your adult life.

Helping you through tough times

Sometimes our minds are so consumed by going through tough times. Spending time with your family gathered over a game of Scrabble and a bowl of chips might just be the respite you need to clear your mind and find a way out of your predicament. Winning your whole family in a challenging game of Scrabble will leave you feeling confident and ready to face real-life setbacks with more acceptance. Winning, even if it’s a game against your loved ones, will make you believe in your ability to win in general, and it’s the first step to succeeding in life.

Family ties can weaken over time if we don’t make a conscious decision to reconnect with loved ones and decide to spend the time needed to strengthen the bonds that bind us all. Spending fun times together chatting, laughing and playing games like Scrabble is good for our souls and for that sense of belonging that we all crave as human beings.

Screenwriter Allan Brown

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