How to enter the winning codes for McDonald’s Monopoly 2021

If you are going to eat under the famous golden arches, you must know the process of entering promo codes. McDonald’s New Monopoly is an exciting way to earn free prizes with your meal.

Prizes range from a free bite to eat like an extra cheeseburger or if you’re lucky, £ 100,000. In the raffle, maccie’s lovers collect stickers from selected menu items such as Big Tasty or Chicken Select meals.

Players will peel off an “instant winner” sticker, enter codes on the McDonald’s website for a chance to win cash, or collect property sets in the hope of winning a bigger prize.

The McDonald’s Monopoly launched today, Wednesday August 25, 2021, let’s find out how to enter the codes you’ve won.

How to enter the winning codes for McDonald’s Monopoly 2021

  • First, remove the sticker to reveal your online game piece, these can only be found on qualifying menu items.
  • Register / login for an account on the McDonalds website or app. When you are logged in with your My McDonald’s app account, you are ready to participate.
  • Now enter the 10 digit code found on your online game coin to see if you are a winner.

Each sticker has a unique code that gives you the chance to win a prize in the online draw that you can enter on the McDonalds website. Online cash prizes are awarded to 2 winning people every minute, with customers earning between £ 5 and £ 100 instantly.

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Players could also earn vouchers and free McDonald’s food with their stickers. You need to make sure you don’t get too OTT on the stickers each day as there is unfortunately a daily limit of 24 entries per person per day.

The popular fast food chain started the sticker collecting game in 1987 in America. McDonald’s annual monopoly has been running from March to the end of April every year with huge prizes.

McDonald’s Monopoly 2021 confirmed

The big news that McDonald’s Monopoly will launch in the summer of 2021 was confirmed on Twitter.

They shared a short video with the caption: “The news you’ve all been waiting for… Monopoly returns in summer 2021.”

The game will now be played until October 5, 2021, with the prize-giving deadlines also being extended.

Now that the dates have been extended, that means McDonald’s will be able to return to full capacity. Due to social distancing measures, there could only be a certain number of people working at a time.

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