‘I think it’s very dangerous…’: BJP government promotes private sector monopoly in country, says Rahul Gandhi

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Friday denounced the Bharatiya Janata Party government for promoting a private sector monopoly in the country and, through this concentration of capital, also controlling the media.

“I think it is very dangerous for a company to control all the airports, all the ports, all the infrastructure. It (the private sector monopoly) has never existed in this form. It has never existed with such a massive concentration of power and capital. This is another aspect that strangles the conversation because the current Indian government controls the media through this concentration of capital,” Gandhi said at an event in London.

Accusing the Bharatiya Janata party of “spreading kerosene all over the country”, the former INC party chairman said: “You need a spark and we will be in big trouble. I think we have to act responsibly as the opposition, the Congress in the country. which aims to bring people, communities, states and religions together in harmony. »

“We need to cool this temperature because if it doesn’t cool things can go wrong,” the Congress leader said at the event organized by non-profit think tank Bridge India.

He added that there are two different conceptions of governance at play in India, one that stifles voices and one that listens.

“Please realize what the BJP does is shout and drown out voices. What we do is listen. These are two different things, they are two different conceptions. One is told a framework you will say this and nothing else, it is designed to push a particular set of ideas down people’s throats, whether it is the communist idea or the RSS system. We are designed to listen to the people of India, make their voice heard and put it on the table,” said Gandhi, attacking the BJP.

The Congress leader further said that the Prime Minister must have an attitude that “I want to listen”, but “our Prime Minister is not listening”.

Hailing the efforts of the Congress party in India, Rahul Gandhi said, “The Congress, through its actions, has attacked the social systems (like the caste system) in the country. We fundamentally believe that every Indian should have the same opportunities.

“Trying to force the same idea that we had in the 1990s and 2000s will not work now. This is what the government is doing today. The task of the opposition is really to give a new vision to the people of India, an economic vision. The Congress has the ideology at the national level. The Congress is a structure that allows the opposition. The ideological battle that is taking place is between the national vision of the RSS and the national vision of the Congress,” he said. -he declares.

The Congress leader said: “It is no longer just a pure political fight. We are now fighting against the institutional structure of the Indian state which is captured by an organization. The only way for us is to go to the broad masses of India. people.”

Further accusing the BJP government in India of stifling the voices in the country, Gandhi said, “People tell us that we should have a cadre like the BJP. And I tell them that the day we have a framework like the BJP, we will be the BJP. We are a party that listens to the expression of the Indian people. The BJP drowns out the voices, we listen.


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