IELTS exam: IDP monopoly worries immigration firms : The Tribune India

Deepkamal Kaur
Tribune press service
Jalandhar, July 13

Recent reports of the acquisition of the British Council’s IELTS operations by the International Development Program (IDP) have made the huge local market for IELTS training centers and immigration companies very nervous.

Reason: Previously, students could choose from an IDP or British Council test centre. But now all IELTS tests in the country will be done by IDP which will only end the ongoing competition. The owners of the local coaching centers believe that the business now has a monopoly and will operate without any competition in the market. They fear that the IDP, which also runs the immigration and counseling services, will also become very autonomous and that their businesses will certainly be affected by this decision.

Sukant Nain Trivedi, owner of an immigration company, said: “Our fear is that a student who registers for IELTS at IDP will prefer to apply for admission abroad or immigration also in the country. taking as a one-stop shop. Why would he come to us now?

He added, “IDP Education is their private international student enrollment division that can now influence the student market by any unfair means. It will get the data of each student registering for the test. The data of students aspiring to go abroad is all that is needed in this sector. »

Company officials say there is no data sharing between IDP’s IELTS division and IDP Education, the company’s student registration division.

The two companies compete in no less than 53 countries. They had jointly conducted more than 3.5 crores of tests in the country till last year. IELTS testing is a high-stakes activity in the country. The British Council will stop offering IELTS from July 25 and its bookings have already stopped. But with all the stakes of the hugely popular English language tests in India, going to just one company has certainly raised many eyebrows.

Jaspal Singh, president of the Study Abroad Consultants Association, said, “Monopoly is bad in any business. A competitive environment should always be allowed for fair play.

Kamal Narang, Vice President, North Immigration and Consultants for Education, said: “Exploitation is a very big possibility when there is only one player left in a business. Services may be affected and prices for tests may also increase. Checks and balances are definitely needed as IELTS is a huge market here.

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