If you liked playing Monopoly, you will love its Live Casino version

When Parker Brothers released the Monopoly board game in the mid-1930s, no one expected it to become so popular.

Named after the economic concept of single-entity domination of a market, the game immediately appealed to gamers of all ages. Over the years, it has achieved cult status and has remained equally popular despite all the challenges it has faced.

Monopoly‘s flexibility became one of its most essential characteristics, as it allowed players to set their own rules and customize the game and the whole experience.

The digital age has opened up new possibilities for the further development of gaming. Over the years, we have seen many video games and online slot machines inspired by Parker Brother’s famous creation. However, the latest iteration promises to be the most exciting of them all, as it combines two distinct experiences into one, allowing players around the world to enjoy Monopoly like never before.

Introducing Monopoly Live

If you have been paying attention to the gambling world over the past couple of years, you have surely noticed the rapid rise of the live casino segment. The niche has become extremely popular, attracting some of the biggest names in the industry.

One such name is Evolution, one of the leading manufacturers of live dealer games. The company’s lineup is filled with high-quality titles played in live casinos around the world.

In their efforts to keep their portfolio fresh and competitive, in February 2019 Evolution launched a title inspired by Hasbro’s timeless classic. As indicated by his name, Monopoly live by evolution is a live casino version of the board game that has captivated players for over eighty years.

Taking the fourth best-selling board game in history and adapting it to live dealer play was a recipe for success. Online casino enthusiasts from all over the world adopted it as soon as it hit the market.

An unparalleled experience

The new Monopoly game takes Evolution’s casino game shows to a whole new level by adding a 3D character. It’s Mr Monopoly, a familiar face you met in the original board game. But there is much more, because the bonus game available is completely in 3D.

Augmented reality further enhances the overall gaming experience. With Monopoly town in the background, you will meet Mr. Monopoly drinking tea and waiting for the bonus round to be activated. The action takes place on a wheel made up of 54 segments, placed in the middle of

the studio. Like all other live casino games, Monopoly Live features a host whose role is to spin the wheel and interact with players. However, their role is much more critical, as it helps create an immersive gaming atmosphere.

A stunning look

Monopoly Live comes with different sections, the main one being located at the bottom center of the screen. There is your betting area, as well as the “previous rounds” section, where you can see the results of your previous rounds.

You’ll also come across four buttons, which offer a wide range of options, from checking the outcome of previous spins to using the automated spin pattern to take you back to the Evolution lobby and play multiple Evolution games simultaneously.

We have already mentioned the social aspect of this game, that’s why you will be able to interact with other players and chat with them. Here you can also view the game payouts. Finally, you are always free to show or hide the chat, adjust the video and sound quality and show the rules.

Improve your chances of winning

Playing this title can provide a different board game experience. Since Monopoly live is a casino game, it will depend on luck and you cannot affect the outcome. Also, you won’t be able to invent the rules as you play.

However, there are things you can do to improve your chances of winning. First, choose your Monopoly Betting Strategy wisely.

You can choose a low volatility strategy, where you will mainly place your bets on two rolls, four rolls and a few other numbers as well. The other option is to use the high volatility strategy. This means that you will make bigger bets only on two and four reels.

Forget everything you knew about Monopoly and focus on the “two reel” and “four reel” features. Keep this in mind and remember to place your bets. You will feel really sorry if you miss it!

Monopoly is not the first board game to come to the live casino. But there is something about this game that sets it apart from other titles. Can the live version bring an equally exciting gaming experience that has captivated gamers around the world? It’s not easy to answer that. But you can see it for yourself by trying Monopoly Live.

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