Indoor games like chess and scrabble will be introduced in Delhi’s primary school classrooms

Classroom games are set to be introduced in the primary sections of Delhi’s public schools, officials say. Chess, carrom, puzzles, scrabble and monopoly will soon be introduced as classroom games for pupils in classes III to V, while children in younger grades will have soft toys and balls introduced into the frame classroom games.

“Doctors and educators believe that we should consider play as serious learning… Although games are very important for children of this age, but for certain reasons (lack of space, different physical abilities of children, etc.), many children do not play outside games. However, there are a few indoor games that can be very beneficial for these little children and can boost their focus, confidence and overall mental toughness” , states the order to schools asking them to include such games for young pupils.

Once these games are introduced, the education department also plans to give chess lessons to children who show an aptitude for the two-player board game.

Last year, recognizing the popularity of online games among children, schools in Delhi received a best practices advisory to ensure children maintain safe practices when playing online games.

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