Jighere and Anwuli win 2019 Mindgames scrabble and chess titles | The Guardian Nigeria News


The 2019 Mindgames Championship took place at Lagos Country Club this weekend. Photo: PIXABAY

Former scrabbless world champion Wellington Jighere and current number one chess player in Nigeria, Daniel Anwuli won the scrabble and chess events of the 2019 Mindgames Championship, which ended at Lagos Country Club this weekend. .

The third edition of the board game championship brought together the best chess and scrabble players in the country, as well as stars from Ghana, Gambia, Liberia and Sierra Leone.

Speaking after his victory, Anwuli said that hard work and staying focused helped him win the chess event, adding, however: “It was not easy for me at the start of the championship. three days.

“I didn’t start well, but with the desire to win the competition, I didn’t give up until the last day.

“The best chess players who attended the event were also good enough to win. But I believe my commitment to the game and God on my side helped me win the championship.

One of the foreign participants in the championship, Aba Hydara, a Gambian doctor congratulated the organizers of the MPC for organizing the event.

“I am happy to play among the best scrabble players in Nigeria. This championship gives me the opportunity to learn more about scrabble from Nigerian players, who are ranked among the best in the world.

“The level of the championship is high and I will not stop participating next year. Nigeria is the hub of scrabble, ”he said.

Lukmon Owolabi, the organizer of the MPC championship, said more innovations will be put in place next year to make the event more attractive.

“I am happy that the 2019 MPC Championship was a success. The event, which is to expose scrabble and chess players to the international championship, but also to discover talents, has met expectations.

“At this year’s event, the top three women in chess and scrabble were awarded money to encourage women to continue playing scrabble and chess. We are pushing for more sponsors to participate in the event next year, ”he said.

Over 3 million naira was shared between the winners of the 2019 MPC chess and scrabble events.

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