Massachusetts bar accepts Monopoly money for glorious hours


Purchases made with Monopoly money, however, are only reserved for a few select items, none of which are alcohol. (Mark Metcalfe / Getty Images)

(NEXSTAR) – A Massachusetts bar on Wednesday will briefly accept Monopoly money in exchange for actual goods and services, granting the wishes of anyone who has ever played Monopoly.

Ralph’s Tavern in the city of Worcester is currently in the running for a spot in an upcoming edition of the Worcester-themed Monopoly board game. But it wasn’t until a few nights ago that a friend of the owner suggested they start campaigning by accepting less traditional payment methods.

“The idea came during one of these discussions after midnight after a few frozen beers at Ralph’s,” admitted Eric Lindquist, spokesperson for the bar. “We joked about it, until [owner Scot Bove] said: ‘I’m in it.’ ”

Wednesday’s Monopoly themed event will only last a few hours – between 4:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. – but there’s no limit on how much a customer can spend. Purchases made with Monopoly money, however, are only reserved for a few select items, none of which are alcohol.

“Due to Massachusetts law, we cannot accept monopoly money for alcoholic beverages,” Lindquist said. “But there will be gifts. And you can buy as many hot dogs as your heart desires.

Items that can be purchased with Monopoly money include event admission ($ 5 in Monopoly money), hot dogs ($ 10 in Monopoly money), alcohol-free Jell-O shots ($ 20 in Monopoly money) and raffle entries ($ 50 in Monopoly money)). All other menu items can be purchased in the legal currency of the United States.

In addition to raffles and freebies, Ralph’s Tavern encourages guests to dress up as Uncle Pennybags for a chance to win additional prizes. Customers will also have the chance to participate in a “Monopoly Scavenger Hunt”, among other events.

The bar is also expecting a big turnout, as people have already arrived at the bar with handfuls of counterfeit bills.

“Last night, people showed up with Monopoly money. … We told them to come back on Wednesday, ”Lindquist said.

“There’s always something going on at Ralph’s,” said a spokesperson for the bar. Hannah McEntee, seen here, poses alongside a Monopoly match ahead of tonight’s event. (Ralph’s / Eric Lindquist0

Top Trumps USA, the UK-based company that has been licensed to produce localized Monopoly editions from Hasbro, will release its Worcester version later this year, according to Ralph’s. And as the “oldest tavern” in town, Ralph’s is definitely on the board, says the owner.

“Ralph’s is Worcester’s oldest tavern and we would be honored to be one of the locations chosen for the Worcester Edition Monopoly panel,” Bove said in a statement included in the bar’s press release.

“There’s always something going on at Ralph,” Lindquist added. “You don’t know if you’re going to have a drink or stay seven. It’s very Worcester, it’s blue collar workers. Many people come right after work and have a quick beer after a hard day. This is what Worcester is all about.

“Hell, this is the oldest tavern in town,” Lindquist added. “If Ralph’s isn’t on the board now, after all this attention, someone has to go straight to jail. “Don’t pass, come on! “

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