Melbourne is getting a $20 million Monopoly theme park this year

Melbourne is set to score the world’s second Monopoly theme park, modeled after the original in Hong Kong with a hefty $20 million prize. Dubbed Monopoly Dreams, the 1,650 square meter indoor theme park will open in Melbourne Central – double the one in Hong Kong and split into two sections: Monopoly City and Monopoly Mansion – with a total of 15 attractions.

You may be past the days of overturned Monopoly boards and invented rules, but you know the iconic board game has been etched into your soul for life. The most controversial of board games has survived many years, and while your old Scrabble and Mouse Trap gathers dust, we won’t judge if you pull it out once in a while to show off to the plebs who are thinking of buying the les railways is a viable strategy.

The nostalgia factor is why Melbourne’s Monopoly Dreams should justify the $20 million investment, with the new attraction expected to attract 600,000 visitors a year. Families would be the target market, given that it’s a theme park, but we’re willing to bet some of that Monopoly money you’ll also want to check out with a few friends.

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Given the new appeal of places like Holey Moley and escape rooms, it’s not a stretch to assume that a Monopoly theme park will do well. Especially for Melbourne, which so far really only has Luna Park when it comes to this category of fun for kids.

Entrepreneurs Derek Lo and Stephen Lo are behind the project, which will open to the public later this year. Much like Monopoly Dreams in Hong Kong, it functions as a large Monopoly-themed time zone where you can earn Monopoly money at these attractions to spend at the on-site cafe or store.

Entrance will literally go Go as visitors enter Monopoly City through a neon-lit tunnel that has been designed to mirror the Melbourne CBD map. Once you’re inside, Monopoly Dreams has loads to do, including a 4D theater with a Monopoly railroad where you can generate power on a bike, and a Water Works splash game . Other interactive attractions include a “Bank” with flying Monopoly money up for grabs and a good old “spin the wheel” style game where you have a chance to win a real prize that could be as tasty as a voucher. of plane.

Monopoly Dreams Melbourne will open later this year at Melbourne Central, although an actual date has yet to be set. Admission will cost between $30 and $40 (actual fiat currency).

Melbourne is getting a $20 million Monopoly theme park this year
Melbourne is getting a $20 million Monopoly theme park this year

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