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Hasbro revealed this morning that change is in the air because they will change MonopolyCommunity Vault Cards. The company today announced that for the first time in over 85 years, it will replace the game’s famous 16 yellow cards to reflect a more modern and global appeal. Plus, they’re asking fans of the game to vote on what these 16 new cards will be. From today you can head over to and you will see a series of two different cards giving different modern versions of a classic community chest card. You will have the chance to vote on all 16 cards in a row to help determine which will be the final versions. Plus, later this spring, Monopoly will be hosting its very first celebrity-filled Charity Classic game. It will be streamed live on YouTube and will feature four notable celebrities, but the finer details have not been released. You can read more about the vote below.

I mean, the sign helps, especially in Times Square. Courtesy of Hasbro.

Covering topics like beauty pageants, vacation funds and life insurance, there’s no denying the Monopoly The game’s community chest cards are long overdue for a refresh. And, coming out of tumultuous 2020, the term “community” has taken on a whole new meaning. Hasbro relies on its fans to help reflect what the community means in their real lives, in the Monopoly game, by voting for new cards like “Buy Local”, “Rescue A Puppy” or “Help Your Neighbors”.

To further show the Monopoly the brand’s commitment to the community, they will host the very first Monopoly Charity Classic with a Community Chest fund of $ 350,000 up for grabs. Fans can log into this celebrity game filled with Monopoly, played in the spirit of helping communities, this spring on YouTube. Four celebrities will play to win a portion of the Community Chest to donate to the charity of their choice, allowing them to make a positive impact in their own community. During the game, players and viewers will be among the first to see some of the new community chest cards voted into the game by fans.

Mr. Monopoly would like you to vote on new cards.  Courtesy of Hasbro.
Mr. Monopoly would like you to vote on new cards. Courtesy of Hasbro.

“The world has changed a lot since Monopoly became a household name over 85 years ago, and it’s clear that today the community is more important than ever, ”said Eric Nyman, director of consumer affairs at Hasbro. “We thought 2021 was the perfect time to give fans the opportunity to show the world what the community means to them by voting on new Community Chest cards. We are so excited to see what new cards will be voted on!”

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