MONOPOLY: DUNGEONS & DRAGONS puts monsters on the market

We recently told you how to financially adopt a gargoyle from Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. Having a pet stone beast in France would be cool. But if you want to own your own monsters, The Op’s latest board game will let you buy a whole bunch of them. You can buy horrible creatures in the all new Monopoly: Dungeons & Dragons.


Classic RPG meets iconic board game with Hasbro’s Monopoly: Dungeons & Dragons. Instead of buying properties, players will buy famous D&D monsters. And you’ll travel to their lairs with some pretty fantastic game pieces to find them. From the official game description:

“Answer the call to capture monsters from all over the Forgotten Realms in Monopoly: Dungeons & Dragons! Buy, sell, and trade traditional and modern iconic and deadly monsters like the Beholder, Storm Giant, and the infamous Demogorgon to level up the competition. Six collectible tokens representing classes including Halfling Rogue, Human Fighter, Elven Ranger, and Tiefling Bard take you around the board to make discoveries, build expeditions and bases, and collect custom items D&D currency to become the richest adventurer and win!

Are we going to play the role of our token pieces during the game? Obviously. OBVIOUSLY.

Three Monopoly board slots: Dungeons & Dragons, with a token on one and counterfeit money belowHasbro

In addition to a beautiful board, the game also offers 28 personalized deed cards with illustrations of Dungeons & Dragons. It also includes: six collectible tokens, 16 “encounter cards” (luck cards), 16 “treasure cards” (community chest cards), custom Monopoly money, 32 “expeditions” (houses) and 12 “Bases” (hotels). “Designed for two to six players ages eight and up, the estimated playing time is at least 60 minutes. But when everyone’s doing all the voices, it’s going to take a lot longer.

You can order your copy from The Op now for $ 39.99. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t help Notre Dame Cathedral yet. But at least these monsters will be easy to visit when you want to see them.

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