Monopoly “Longest Game Ever” Edition Includes 66 Properties


If you chose Monopoly for your next game night, chances are you’re not trying to hurry. The classic board game is infamous for outlining many gamers’ attention spans much longer. But for real Monopoly fans, that’s part of the charm – after all, it takes time to build a real estate empire, even if yours only exists on a two-dimensional board.

Now Hasbro is giving its most dedicated Monopoly has the opportunity to extend its domain even further with the “Longest Game Ever” edition. As Nerdist reports, the table has 66 properties, which is 38 more than the original version. And since there’s only one dice (not two), you run around the perimeter at snail speed (or, to be more precise, turtle speed – the gold game pieces and silver are shaped like tiny turtles and hares). Auctions are not allowed, but there are a few other updates that help move the money. Normally, nothing happens when you land on the “Free Parking” area; in this version of the game you get paid. You can also tear each bill along the perforated line to break them into smaller amounts, which could increase your buying options.

The biggest change, however, has to do with how the game is won. Unlike the traditional Monopoly, this edition does not end when all players except one go bankrupt. In fact, you can continue to gamble after declaring bankruptcy. In order to beat your opponents in this “longest game of all time”, you must have all the properties of the board.

If that sounds like a formidable feat that you and the rest of your game night group would like to tackle, you can buy the game on Amazon for $ 20.

[h/t Nerdist]

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