Monopoly’s ‘Jurassic Park’ edition to release next month with electronic gate and movie character tokens

The next film to make its debut in the world of Monopoly is that of Steven Spielberg jurassic park, with the official JP– thematic version of the classic board game which will be released next month.

The game includes movie character tokens and even a Jurassic Park electronic gate!

Hasbro explains, “Secure the dinosaur enclosures and other areas, but beware of the T. Rex; it doesn’t follow the rules! Build fences to protect the paddocks from attack and earn money by charging rent, but be prepared for damaged goods. Activate the portal to hear the jurassic park movie theme song or a dinosaur roar, which will determine how much money to raise.

“The last player with the money when everyone else has gone bankrupt wins. The game also ends if the T. Rex damages any properties before they can be fenced or repaired.

If the T. Rex damages all properties, EVERYBODY loses. Seems about right.

the Monopoly: Jurassic Park Edition the game includes

  • Board Game
  • 6 Character tokens
  • 1 T. Rex token
  • Jurassic Park electronic portal
  • 28 Title deed cards
  • 16 cold storage cards
  • 16 Impact Tremor cards
  • 24 cardboard fences
  • 2 dice
  • Money package
  • Game guide

Head over to Entertainment Earth to pre-order the game ahead of its May 2021 release.

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