Myrtle Beach area SC man wants to find other chess lovers

Brian Mitchell playing chess with Ted Falasco

Brian Mitchell playing chess with Ted Falasco

Brian Mitchell is not a chess expert, in fact he only started playing a year ago.

What makes Brian the Chess Guru is his Monday Chess Hours at the Market Common from 6-8pm. During those two hours, Mitchell will simply set up his chess board at a table across from Barnes & Nobles and wait for the other chess players to stop and challenge him.

Although Mitchell moved to Myrtle Beach two years ago, he started this weekly chess streak just a few weeks ago. He said he started posting on the Market Common Community Facebook page to let people know what he was doing and got a surprising amount of engagement.

Mitchell said he had never played chess before, then one day he was surfing YouTube when he came across a chess channel called “GothamChess” and was intrigued by the game.

“He was so fun to watch. And I think he introduced me to chess all on his own, he’s so charismatic,” Mitchell said.

After he found this YouTube channel, he started watching other videos and taught himself the game. Mitchell said that since he started playing chess, many other things in his daily life have improved, such as critical thinking, foresight and pattern recognition.

“It improved a lot of attributes that I didn’t know needed improvement until I started playing. I got into chess about a year ago and just noticed that as I got better at chess I got better at a lot of other things too, I started to perform better in my job, I invest better and I really think that has a lot to do with it,” Mitchell said.

Mitchell’s first-ever opponent, Kim Savon, looks forward to playing with Mitchell every week.

“I work remotely now full time and it’s so nice, I’m like here in the neighborhood. You know, it’s great to have the interaction and the brain stimulation, I love it. Because you’re doing it outside, it’s free, it uses our brains and it’s just socializing, that’s just it,” Savon said.

Savon said a friend shared Mitchell’s Facebook post with her and she was excited to come meet him and play.

“I met this friend Chris who said he played chess so every Wednesday we played and at first I beat him and it drove him crazy and then we got competitive and now he beats me so I really need lessons from Brian” said Savon.

Mitchell said his long-term goal is to eventually start a chess club in Myrtle Beach once he has enough players and after that he said he would like to open it up to young people and chess players. ‘less experienced failures so it may take time. to teach them the game.

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