New Board Games – Monopoly: Schitt’s Creek Edition

Source: The Op

You probably didn’t want to live a single day in the life of the Rose family – because, Ew, David! – but with this new board game you can add “A Little Bit Alexis” to the game night.

Usaopoly board game maker | The Op gives a classic board game a Schitt’s Creek twist with its new Monopoly: Schitt’s Creek Edition. Take on the economy-themed challenge as the most disadvantaged family on TV with the opportunity to buy, sell and trade unusual places from the comedy series!

The game includes six collectible tokens inspired by iconic accessories from the series, including Moira’s wig, Ted the turtle, and a Rosebud Motel Key. Players can also move melodically around the board like Patrick’s guitar, wear curious winds like a Baby Crow, or keep it cool like David’s sunglasses.

Schitt’s Creek isn’t known for its luxurious homes and hotels, but in this game players can make upgrades and renovations to some of the city’s most notable landmarks – the Rosebud Motel and the Tropical Café, for n to name a few.

The game features a host of other hilarious changes reminiscent of the Canadian sitcom. The monopoly of Schitt’s Creek is completely devoid of tracks, so players will travel via the Rose Family Car or the Roland’s Truck. When players have the chance to try their luck, they will not get a Luck or Community Chest card. Instead, they’ll tap into the “Love That Journey For Me” or “Hello You” piles to see what the game has in store for them.

Fans can enjoy this game which is simply the best! Monopoly: Schitt’s Creek Edition is available to purchase now for $ 39.99. (And guess what? You can also find it in the game section of our Christmas gift guide! Check out all of our game selections here.)

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