Play Scrabble in the Thunderdome


“Witty prose, colorful anecdotes, and plenty of insider detail make for an interesting dissection of how the Republican ‘Never Trumpers’ were sidelined.” Publishers Weekly on Tim Miller’s new book, Why we did it.

Today is Tim’s official release date, so if you haven’t ordered his book yet, you know what you need to do.

Speaking of what happened to the GOP, I was unfortunately the first member of our Aspen Ideas panel on “the future of the Republican Party” to drop an f-bomb. I was not the last.

Our panel actually had a pretty diverse range of viewpoints — it included NYT’s Jane Coaston, AEI President Robert Doar, pollster Frank Luntz, data guru Sean Trende, and former GOP congressman Charlie Tooth. I was there to bring darkness.

I can’t summarize the whole discussion here, but suffice it to say that I mentioned that the story arc may or may not lean towards justice, but the GOP arc definitely leans towards the insane, the carefree and the extreme. In my delicate way, I also hinted that we may no longer understand what the rules of politics are, because there are no rules. As a result, it’s no longer just about bringing a knife to a gunfight — the Democrats and their allies are playing Scrabble…in the Thunderdome.

I twisted the analogy a bit. The Democrats think they’re playing chess and wondering whether to move their rook or their king, while their opponents just bring in a f**cking ax to smash the board.

I wasn’t just talking about Trump. The GOP is now a party dominated by its entertainment wing and unable/unwilling to rein in its metastasized Crazy Caucus, represented by bigoted crazies like this woman.

Really, do yourself a favor and read Bill Lueders’ article in today’s Bulwark: “It’s not easy being Marjorie Taylor Greene. It’s pretty hilarious, until you realize she’ll likely be even more powerful and influential if and when the GOP takes control of the House.

So it’s bad, but I didn’t want to let the Democrats off the hook. We ran out of time, but I meant something like this:

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