Playing Chess With His Mom Helps DrinkPrime Founder Relax

DrinkPrime belongs to the category of essential services. Their team had to work almost every day to make sure their subscribers didn’t face any issues during the pandemic period.

“I used to visit our factory daily to make sure our team was safe, to help them achieve their goals and to keep their morale high. I felt the need to freshen up once I got back from the office or the factory.. I used to play chess with my mother before I went to bed,” says Vijender Reddy Muthyala, Founder and CEO of DrinkPrime.

high hobby
He has two hobbies: playing chess and hiking. “I think pursuing these hobbies has helped me learn some important lessons. Chess has changed the way I look at life. For me, life is one continuous game of chess that I play against a power supernatural (God). Every movement will lead me to success or failure. It helps me to accept successes and failures equally. When I succeed, I feel that I made the right choice and I ‘try to maintain the same next time. When I fail, I feel that God has done It’s a very good gesture, I appreciate it and take it as a challenge to do the right gesture next time. This always helps me to stay calm and relaxed. Anyway, everyone knows that God is the final winner,” he says.


Before the pandemic, Vijender Reddy Muthyala used to do 10-15 day Himalayan treks once a year.

Trekking taught Muthyala that in this beautiful big world, you and I don’t matter.

“We are nothing – our existence has no impact on the beauty of this world. Everything will be beautiful and will continue to exist even in our absence. This realization has helped me ease the pressure to chase the things. It also makes me feel depressed all the time, regardless of what I become. It has also helped me to become a happy person, to do things that I appreciate and love the most” , he said.

Mom’s Lessons
Muthyala’s mother taught him to play chess. “Due to my time constraints, I only play chess with her. We play on weekends. I have been trekking for 10 years. I hike mainly on weekends. I have covered all the trekking destinations in the Karnataka, parts of Kerala and Tamil Nadu. Apart from these short treks, I used to do long Himalayan treks for 10-15 days once a year. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I haven’t been able to do a lot of hiking in the last two years,” says.

Trekking taught Muthyala that in this beautiful big world, you and I don't matter.Agencies

Trekking taught Muthyala that in this beautiful big world, you and I don’t matter.

When he was a child, Muthyala used to go to the YMCA to play cricket, badminton and other games. “Once I was done, I would go watch people play chess. I would stand by the table and watch the games for hours. That’s how I got interested in chess. I wanted to learn more about the game and play chess. Later my mother taught me how to play it and we started playing against each other. Once I moved to Bangalore and I started working, I wanted to get away for the weekends. After five days of work, I just wanted to get out of the concrete jungle and all the noise. I was interested in adventurous activities like scuba diving. -marine, rafting and trekking.Of these, I felt that trekking gave me the best experience as it was the perfect combination of adrenaline rush, workout, and nature! helped me recharge my batteries and prepare me for the challenges to come,” he concludes.

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