Saturday Night Live: Anya Taylor-Joy pokes fun at chess craze sparked by The Queen’s Gambit



Anya Taylor-Joy hosted the season finale of Saturday Night Live Tonight (May 22), joking in his opening monologue about fans of his Netflix chess drama The Queen’s Gambit who continued to take the game for themselves.

“I’m happy to say that after watching the show, millions of people bought chess sets, and dozens of them actually learned to play,” the actor joked.

She also asked how anyone in the audience could not have seen the hit Netflix series, asking, “For those of you who haven’t seen it: what were you doing in quarantine? It was King tiger and Queen’s Gambit, it was the only new TV for, like, months.

Earlier in the monologue, Taylor-Joy pointed out that the Saturday Night Live The crowd was the first of the year to be: “a completely complete audience, completely vaccinated”.

“If you’re feeling nervous sitting so close to another person, just imagine them naked,” she suggested. “Just kidding, we’ve all been inside for a year, everyone already imagines everyone naked.”

Referring to her distinct British accent, Taylor-Joy said: “Now that you hear my accent, you might be surprised to know that I was born in Miami, raised between Argentina and London, and that my mother tongue is spanish so legally my ethnicity is ‘fashion week’.

Taylor-Joy concluded the monologue by introducing the show, including musical performer Lil Nas X, in Spanish.

She then returned to play various characters, including Emma ‘Baby Spice’ Bunton in a Hollywood Squares-themed sketch.

Earlier in the show, Chris Rock had joined the cast as they offered their memories of making Saturday Night Live during a year of restrictions related to the pandemic.


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