Scrabble added 300 new words to their dictionary and we’re happy to twerk!


One of the fondest childhood memories for anyone has to be playing games. Whether it is outdoor games like basketball or football or indoor games like chess or Scrabble, we played it all. Games like Scrabble are brain stimulators and have really helped shape our creativity and grammar even at a young age. So every child who grew up playing Scrabble will be happy to hear that they have added 300 new words to their dictionary. Yeah, that’s right! 300 new words, baby!

Merriam webster yesterday published the 6th edition of its dictionary which was last updated 4 years ago. Some words that have been added to this dictionary are emoji, scowling, beehive spirit, the palm of the face, zomboid, twerk, way back, yowza and puggle.

Word (courtesy of Shutterstock)

But the two words that really excite us are OK and ew! According to The Guardian, “OK is something Scrabble the players have been waiting a long time, ”said the lexicographer Peter Sokolowski, editor-in-chief at Merriam-Webster.

In fact, even words in foreign languages ​​like bibimbap, sriracha, cotija and schneid have been added to Scrabble dictionary.

All Scrabble nerds will have a blast! Here is also a little anecdote on the history of Scrabble in case you didn’t know. According to our beloved friend Wikipedia, in 1938, American architect Alfred Mosher cigarette butts created the game as a variation of an earlier word game he invented called Lexiko!

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