Scrabble Go: must play to increase vocabulary


Karan R. Gaikwad


Posted on 04/19/20, 8:40 PM

Game: Scrabble Go by Scopely

Kind: Play on words

Platforms: Android and iOS

Scrabble is probably the favorite game of word lovers around the world. The game requires a thorough knowledge of English words, a perfect understanding of the rules of the game, and a bit of luck. It is a perfect game to play with people of all ages. Scrabble Go brings this experience to mobile.

As anyone who has played it before will know, this is a word game where you have to score more than your opponent while making words. It’s a two player game and both players are given a random set of letters to start. They should use them to make words on a special board. Each letter has a certain value, and your score is the sum of the letter values ​​you used to form a word on the board. If you want a high score, you will have to use the most valuable letters. You also need to strategically organize the letters on the board as there are certain boxes on the board that award you extra points if you create a word by placing letters on it. This, in my opinion, gives Scrabble Go the flavor of chess.

Once one player has made their move, the other player must form a word on the board that is connected to the previous player’s word by an overlapping letter. Just like the Scrabble board game.

The experience is amplified on a mobile phone and you don’t have to bother adding up your notes and keeping track of them on paper. In addition, the game makes it easy to determine whether a word is legitimate or not; you don’t have to flip through the dictionary every time you suspect your opponent has made up a word.

Speaking of cheating, Scrabble Go lets you use boosters against opponents. These boosters include creating a word, shuffling any letters you have, or even highlighting tiles on the board to show where a word can be done. Using these boosters costs gems – this means it is possible to win games by paying. This could be a huge drag for Scrabble enthusiasts.

You can play the game with your Facebook friends or with strangers. It’s always exciting to meet a fellow logophile online. Scrabble Go also gives you the opportunity to chat with your opponents. You can also show off some cool scrabble coins that you get by playing in different events or taking part in quests.

If you want to take a break, you can engage in fun mini-games such as a single-player scrabble game or a word game. You can also compete against others in time-based tournaments that reward you with gems and points.

VERDICT: Scrabble Go is fun and great for mobile phones. Small additions such as decorative letters and mini-games keep the experience fresh. However, boosters can make the game feel a bit like a payout to win. But if you love words, this is exactly what you need to test your vocabulary skills. I would give it a rating of nine out of 10.

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