So advance to the tie-breaks with Caruana and Sevian at the American chess championships

Fabiano Caruana and Wesley So. (Photo by Sebastian Reuter / Getty Images for World Chess)

The 2021 US Chess Championships head to the playoffs to determine its winner as Wesley So, Fabiano Caruana and Sam Sevian finished the eleventh round in a three-way tie for first place on Tuesday (October 19, PT). Manila) at the Saint Louis Chess Club in Missouri.

Defending champion So agreed to a truce with Ray Robson, as did Caruana, the second world player, with Sam Shankland and Sevian with Daniel Naroditsky.

As a result, the three closed the eleven-round streak with 6.5 points each, setting up a quick playoff series on Wednesday (October 20, Manila time) to determine the champion.

Thus, who handled the white pieces against Robson, could have ended his offer to maintain the title in the eleventh round if he had played his cards well.

However, the tired Filipino-American, who has witnessed continued action in the competitive circuit for several months, failed to capitalize as he settled for a draw.

“I wasn’t thinking about points at all. I was just very tired, very tired. I think I have been playing nonstop for three months,” revealed the 28-year-old pride of Cavite.

So continued: “Considering the way I play the tournament, I just want to finish it. I went wrong the last two games left and right. I couldn’t see the wins and all that. So, c clearly something is wrong, so I have to work harder with my failures. ”

By the time So ended the match with Robson, Sevian had already called for a truce with Naroditsky, aware of the anger, leaving Caruana with a golden shot to win the title.

But as fate willed it, Shankland held the imaginary Caruana to a crucial draw that cemented the three-way stalemate at the top of the standings.

Meanwhile, Alex Lenderman, who already shared the lead at several points in the classic event before Caruana sent him on lap ten, had an opening to create a four-way title race down the stretch, but Lazaro Bruzon Batista dashed his hopes by forcing a draw.

Leinier Dominguez Perez and Darius Swiercz agree to a draw in their match, while John Burke overpowered Jeffery Xiong to end his campaign on a high note.

In Round 10 action, Carauna caught up with the leaders with a victory over Lenderman while the rest of the games ended in draws.

Here is the tournament standings after the eleventh round: Lenderman, Dominguez and Robson finished with 6.0 each, half a point behind leaders So, Sevian and Caruana; Shankland ends at 5.5; Burke and Swiercz close their respective bids at 5.0; Narodistky and Xiong are content with 4.5 to stay ahead of wine merchant Bruzon, who finished with 4.0 points.

Ohmer Bautista is a sports journalist who has covered local and international sporting events in the Philippines. The opinions expressed are his own.

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