Stormzy Gets His Own Custom Monopoly Deal Game – News

Stormzy should receive his own personalized version of the monopoly agreement card game.

Along with bespoke adaptations, the game will include changes such as the “Debt Collector” card being the “Bailiff One”, the “Just Say No” to the “Shut Up” card, and the “Forced Deal” card being called ” Big For Your Boots’.

Stormzy spoke to The Guardian in 2019 about being a fan of fast-paced card games explaining that, “I’m a real game-head. Not, like video games. I like poker, Monopoly, Scrabble, Connect 4. I’m a kid, like. I like a competitive game.

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Stormzy is also known to have gone wild over an Instagram story about how he finds it irritating when people don’t understand how to play. Monopoly.

Having already received a special edition Monopoly board last year, he said, “Look at this greatness here. A Stormzy Monopoly…it’s just awesome.

Stormzy has also postponed his UK and Ireland tour named “HITH World Tour” for 2022. It was originally scheduled for 2019 as part of the release of his second album “Heavy is the Head”, but was then moved moved again due to the pandemic.

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