The perfect theme? Comrades Marathon becomes a Monopoly board game!


The Comrades Marathons launched their own Monopoly board game in what would be the “World’s First Road Racing Monopoly!”

Comrades Marathon | Monopoly

Yes, a limited number of Comrades Marathon Centenary Monopoly boards have been produced to celebrate the centenary year of the Camrades Marathon. Those interested can pre-order and buy their exclusive Comrades Marathon Centenary Monopoly now!

“This is an exciting opportunity to extend the camaraderie, competition and unique marathon experience at home with Marathon Monopoly Boards,” writes Sportsvendo. Bring family and friends together for this fun and engaging take on the well known and loved Monopoly games. Usually a solo sport, marathon runners can now share the fun and excitement with family and friends, for generations. future.

The comrades are held annually in the province of Kwa-Zulu Natal between the cities of Durban and Pietermaritzburg. The direction of the race alternates each year between the Run “Up” from Durban and the Run “Down” from Pietermaritzburg

The Centennial Comrades Marathon, celebrated in 2021, is a race to the bottom. The spirit of the Comrades Marathon is said to “Celebrate the spirit of mankind over adversity”.

The perfect theme

Cape Town, etc. reports that the theme was thought up by Sportsvendo CEO and also two-time gold medalist Leon Swanepoel, who has been involved in the sports industry for 30 years.

“As a Comrades Marathon runner I was once struck that the famous Comrades Marathon could be the perfect theme for a Monopoly field,” said Swanepoel.

Swanepoel noticed a few years ago that Monopoly had started producing its popular board game along with other existing brands and points of interest. “I was fascinated and immediately became a collector of Monopoly board games. There are over 1,000 different themed Monopoly board games, and that includes movies, artists, history, retailers and strong brands in general, ”he said.

Swanepoel also said that this painting will surely bring back memories for those who participated in the Camrades Marathon.

“And now everyone, even those who have never participated, can experience it in a different way.”

The Comrades Marathon Monooploy board game includes the following:

  • Benchmarks on the Down Run – in other words starting in Pietermaritzburg and ending in Durban.
  • Course records for the Down Run (men / women), as well as the fastest foreign runners on the Down Run (men / women) as the most expensive properties, were used. And, of course, Bruce Fordyce, for his nine wins, is also included.
  • The two traditional places of taxation have been replaced with two cut-off times on the Down Run – this is aligned with the penalties.
  • For the four traditional travel venues, four of the previous Durban “Down” finish venues were used.
  • For the two traditional utilitarian properties, the Marathon Comrades House and the Marathon Comrades Wall of Honor were used. These two properties are referred to as “Comrades Marathon visitor sites”.
  • The Chance and Community Chess cards / questions are marked Down Run and Up Run, with appropriate “running” references.

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