The Sopranos bring the crowd to the Monopoly Board



Fans of The Sopranos will be happy to see that The Op will bring the world of this show to the classic tabletop game of Monopoly. Monopoly: The Sopranos is a brand new take on the game that will bring all the nostalgia and references you can get from popular HBO drama to the classic money and property table game. The game comes with parts that make reference to the series like Dr. Melfi’s chair, a sanitation truck, the Stugots skipper boat, and more as you make your way around the board with properties that are locations of the whole series. Including special Chanced and Community Chess cards that draw inspiration from the show’s storylines and money good enough to be used at the gang joint. The game is currently on sale at the link above for $ 40, it plays for 2 to 6 people at around 60 minutes per game, recommended for ages 17 and over due to the content. You can also check out a trailer for the game below.

A look at the full setup of Monopoly: The Sopranos, courtesy of The Op.

Call the shots Monopoly: The Sopranos, based on the Emmy-winning popular drama! Buy, sell, and swap popular places like Tony Soprano’s House and Satriale’s Pork Shop, before you jump in and trade in Bada Bing! Let tokens like the Stugots or Bobby Bacala’s toy train engine take you across the board and be the last boss standing! Monopoly: The Sopranos is a daring twist on the classic goods swap game. “Play a game of skill and make it just a matter of luck” when you buy, sell and trade memorable Jersey locations including Tony Soprano’s house, Whitecaps Shore House, Satriale and more with just about so much usual family drama. YES ! and OH! the cards are the expressive replacements for Chance and Community Chest who will invite you to Sunday dinner or become a “government guest”.

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