The Ultimate Guide to the Official Scrabble Rules

Much like Monopoly, Scrabble has the power to destroy both friendships and families. Most often these disasters are caused by people arguing about the rules of the known board game.

If you know you have a game of Scrabble coming up, it is in your best interest to know the rules of Scrabble. These rules include the allowed rules, if you must use a Scrabble word search whether there is a penalty for contesting your opponent’s word, and the effects of scoring two triple word squares. For more information, keep reading!

Word restrictions

One of the characteristics that can cause the most table fights is Scrabble‘s word restrictions. There is an easy way for you to remember the words you need to use.

If your word is in the dictionary, you can usually use it. If, on the other hand, your word is an abbreviation, considered to be part of a foreign language, or if it is a word containing an apostrophe, you should NOT use it. This is because the word can be contested and if your opponent wins the challenge and you lose you will have to suffer the consequences.

If you are wondering what words can be created from the tiles you have, you can also use a Scrabble word search tool. This will ensure that your tiles form allowed words in the world of Scrabble.

Using a Scrabble word search tool

There are many tools that will allow you to form words from the letters on your rack. The good thing about this is that you (almost) never have to worry about getting stuck without being able to form a word. Here you can enter any of your letters in your deck, as well as any you could use on the board to form words.

Most of the time, these tools will be listed from those with the highest points to those with the lowest.

Challenge penalties

Depending on the age and version of your Scrabble game, you may have different rules regarding the consequences of losing a Scrabble challenge. Basically, you can challenge an opponent if you think the word they’re using isn’t valid.

If you, the challenger, lose and the word turns out to be valid, you lose your next turn. If you win, your opponent loses all the points he would have obtained, as well as the next round.

Everything about a double triple word

This is something that comes up very often in the world of Scrabble. Although you have a limited number of tiles in your rack, you can combine them with other letters on the board and end up with two of your tiles landing on the triple word tile.

When this happens, your score isn’t just doubled, it’s tripled!


If you love Scrabble and are wondering how to become the master of this board game, then you have come to the right place. We know that the rules of Scrabble can be complicated and there can be a lot of them.

That’s why we’ve provided you with our top 4 tips for following the rules of Scrabble. You can consider using a Scrabble word finder, using triple word tiles to your advantage, using a challenge, or using your dictionary.

Do you have something to add ? Let us know in the comments below.

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