Ubisoft’s Monopoly Madness launches on December 9

Ubisoft has announced a whole new way to play Monopoly called Monopoly Madness, which will arrive on all major platforms later this year.

While there are countless board games for you, your friends, and your family, you can get together, play, and chat on a rainy Friday night, there is one that is more famous than the rest. It is, of course, the monopoly. Speaking of arguing, we also risk guessing that Monopoly has sparked more board game-fueled arguments than any of its rivals over the years.

Many of these arguments probably rested on the length of a game of Monopoly. Four hours later, perhaps after landing at someone’s hotel in Park Lane for the third time, tensions can be quite high. Ubisoft found a solution to this in the form of Monopoly Madness. A brand new version of the board game will arrive on PC, consoles and Stadia on December 9, 2021.

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Monopoly Madness is a much more frantic take on the original game, as the name suggests. Rich board game mascot Mr. Monopoly took a well-deserved vacation. The people of Monopoly City took advantage, choosing to bend the rules of the game and play Monopoly effectively in a whole new way.


While regular Monopoly is all about acquiring property and slowly bankrupting your rivals, Monopoly Madness is a quick race to the end. Buying a property, the very heart of the monopoly, remains your goal. Moving around the board will earn you money and resources, allowing you to acquire more properties and upgrade them, just like you would in a normal game of Monopoly. Rather than hoping for others to land on your properties, buying and upgrading them will earn you points and get you closer to the finish line.

Along with money and resources, players can also find things like bulldozers and jackhammers. These items can be used to destroy other people’s properties, causing them to step back in their quest to win the game. Up to six people can play at the same time and they will have a choice of 20 characters based on the original pieces from the Monopoly game. Monopoly Madness will launch on all major platforms on December 9, 2021.

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