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If you are ready to become a chess champion, it takes a lot of learning and a lot of practice, but other than that you need to know the necessary tips. Here are 10 tips to become a chess champion:

Each chess piece can move in a specific way. For example, a pawn pushes straight ahead but can simply attack one point, each square in turn. The movement of a knight is molded in L. The diocesan moves to one point but can move more than each square in turn.

Move the pawn in front of the ruler or ruler two spaces forward. This paves the way for your Clerics and Sovereigns to enter the game. They continue on one point and cannot exit the battlefield in case any pawns come loose.

Before moving your Sovereign, Towers, or Lord, push your Knights and Clerics to the center point of the board. You have to get these pieces out from behind the pawns so that they can attack.

Try not to waste time
Try not to take an unnecessary number of actions with your pawns or try to remove your rival’s pawns.

Castling is a move that allows you to place your lord to safety and put your turn in play. When each of the squares between your turn and the lord is abandoned, you can push the rule two squares towards the tower while the tower moves to the square on the opposite side of the ruler.

Once you’ve brought each of your Knights and Clerics into the game and fortified them, the middle of the game begins. In center play, constantly watch for approaches to catch your opponent’s men. Take any piece your opponent doesn’t secure. Anyway, see what will happen to your room if you take his, will you get knocked out? Continually look for approaches to move piles of your men into position to attack the opposing lord.

Try not to play too fast
If you see a decent move, overlook it and look for a superior one. Patient reasoning is the way to be successful in chess.

Once you and your opponent have traded coins and only have a few men left, the endgame begins. Currently, the pawns are becoming more important. If you can propel a pawn to the column furthest from you, that pawn turns into a ruler.

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