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A few months ago we had the opportunity to review Scrabble GO because their team sent us information about the game and VIP access. We’ve been playing the game on and off since we got it, not because we didn’t find it interesting, but because the genre kept us from sitting down and properly reviewing an app that doesn’t get out. like the others. We’ll explain that to you in a moment, but after a few months of making a few games and seeing how our leaderboard went, we’re finally able to tell you what we think about this one.

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Coming to the first question that many are probably asking, yes, it’s basically Words with friends with a better brand image. Although the two games are similar, Scrabble is the most famous IP in the world. But with that comes some expectation of how the game will play out and whether or not a digital version will bring you the same competitive spirit and joy that comes with playing with friends in real life. For the most part, it captures this with some animation. But it’s the additions to the game that will get you into it or not. For example, throughout the game you earn gems (the in-game currency) that you can use for a myriad of things. There are options in the game that let you swap tiles, find the best spot for words, and even come up with suggestions if you can’t find anything with your own eyes and brain. Unfortunately, you are not allowed to fake words or use anything inappropriate, as the in-game dictionary will tell you whether a word is allowed or not.

Credit: Scoley
Credit: Scoley

The main gameplay is fine, but there is more to the app to keep you busy as you can earn leaderboards based on your performance. There are chests that you can earn at all levels and by completing different challenges than constant little pieces of custom tiles. Think of them as LEGO elements to have cute tiles like the dog and cat you see here. You can participate in Duels, where you have 40 seconds to make a word between yourself and another player with 5 turns each. You can participate in tournaments like Rush and Word Drop, offering variations of the game where you still have to find words in a short time. You can compete for trophies and earn a League ranking which will give your profile bonuses. And there are a number of weekly and daily challenges to keep you busy and earn gems.

Credit: Scoley
Credit: Scoley

Because it is a mobile application, it has some drawbacks. First of all, you are going to come across a lot of advertisements no matter what you are doing. Secondly, there is a store to buy gems, because they need to earn money on the game in one way or another. And third, a bit like in Word with friends, you will have to face cheaters who use word search programs to win all the time. While these three things don’t necessarily ruin the game, there are times when you’ll be sitting there having to deal with the fact that you need gems, need better words to beat someone, or just don’t want to. not watch the same ad every 5 minutes. Globally, Scrabble GO is a very impressive take on the original with plenty to keep you busy if you like this kind of title. You will have to deal with some unsavory parts, but there is no pay wall and no restrictions on what you can do.

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